A Marble League Stadium is a stadium that has hosted a Marble League event. Every Marble League edition has a different stadium.

All indoor events are held inside the Marble League Stadium.

The opening and closing ceremonies are also held in the Marble League Stadium.


Image Edition Stadium Owners City Capacity
2016ML stadium.png 2016 Bakker Bowl


Jelle and Dion Bakker Knikkegen unknown
2017ML stadium.png 2017 unknown
Article Circle inside skra.png 2018 Arctic Circle


Snowballs Hailfern 5,329[3]
2018ML final event stadium.png Bakker Bowl


Jelle and Dion Bakker Knikkegen unknown
2019-03-29 (2).png 2019 Seven Seas Stadium Oceanics Dunduei 11,340
Andromedome.jpg 2020 Andromedome Team Galactic Polaria 10,976[4]


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