The Relay Run was the first event of Marble League Showdown 2020. It was held on 15 August 2020.


In Relay Run, the first marble of a team rolls down their lane as quickly as they can. They then crash into the next marble, setting them off to complete their part of the race. The fourth marble in the team will complete the final part of the course.

There are three heats with four teams each and the winner of each heat will advance along with the best runner-up.

Order of Handoff

Team Runner 1 Runner 2 Runner 3 Runner 4
Chocolatiers Mocha Cocoa Bonbon Choc (C)
Indigo Stars Bingo Gogo Diego Indie (C)
Jawbreakers Taffy Sweet Sugar Candy (C)
Jungle Jumpers Hop Skip Leap Jump (C)
Kobalts Cerulean Meepo Gnome Azure (C)
Limers Lemonlime Slimelime Limelime Sublime (C)
Pinkies Pinky Winky Pinkydink Pinky Toe Pinky Rosa (C)
Rojo Rollers Rojo Cuatro Rojo Tres Rojo Dos Rojo Uno (C)
Shining Swarm Sterling Shiny Shimmer Sparkle (C)
Snowballs Snow Snowstorm Snowy Snowflake (C)
Team Primary Prim Rima Mary Imar (C)
Turtle Sliders Frank Squirt Shelly Crush (C)


        The team advanced to the next round.
The team was eliminated.


Heat 1
# Team Time Delta
1st Snowballs 8.487 -
2nd Jungle Jumpers 8.619 +0.132
3rd Kobalts 8.761 +0.274
4th Shining Swarm 9.098 +0.611
Heat 2
# Team Time Delta
1st Rojo Rollers 8.423 -
2nd Limers 9.087 +0.664
3rd Jawbreakers 9.111 +0.688
4th Indigo Stars 9.147 +0.724
Heat 3
# Team Time Delta
1st Team Primary 8.780 -
2nd Chocolatiers 8.782 +0.002
3rd Turtle Sliders 9.001 +0.221
4th Pinkies 9.226 +0.446


# Team Time Delta
1st Jungle Jumpers 8.840 -
2nd Team Primary 8.854 +0.014
3rd Rojo Rollers 9.012 +0.172
4th Snowballs 9.049 +0.209

Overall Results

Rank Team Time Points
1st Jungle Jumpers 8.840 20 Final
2nd Team Primary 8.854 15
3rd Rojo Rollers 9.012 12
4th Snowballs 9.049 9
5th Kobalts 8.761 7 Heats
6th Chocolatiers 8.782 6
7th Turtle Sliders 9.001 5
8th Limers 9.087 4
9th Shining Swarm 9.098 3
10th Jawbreakers 9.111 2
11th Indigo Stars 9.147 1
12th Pinkies 9.226 0
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