The first event of Marble League Showdown 2019 was held on the 16th of August 2019. The event was the Sand Rally.


In this event, 12 individual marbles race down a sand track. The first marble across the finish line is the winner.

Candy, captain of the Jawbreakers, had been dominating the race since the very first few seconds. After launching off the starting gate perfectly, he immediately took the lead and fended off Vespa of the Hornets and Bramble of the Bumblebees, both of whom were trying to overtake him. Candy was able to stay in the lead for the remainder of the race. As expected, Candy won the race, and this made the Jawbreakers the first team ever to win a Marble League Showdown event.


Rank Team Marble Time Points
1st Jawbreakers Candy (C) 2:12.96 20
2nd Hornets Vespa 2:13.67 15
3rd Snowballs Snowstorm 2:14.56 12
4th Team Momo Momomomo 2:14.78 9
5th Kobalts Azure (C) 2:14.81 7
6th Bumblebees Bramble 2:14.83 6
7th Rojo Rollers Rojo Cuatro 2:15.28 5
8th Minty Maniacs Minty Drizzel 2:15.55 4
9th Turtle Sliders Squirt 2:16.26 3
10th Team Primary Prim 2:16.58 2
11th Shining Swarm Sparkle 2:17.17 1
12th Limers Goolime 2:18.78 0


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