The qualifiers for Marble League 2021 will take place on 18 June 2021. The qualifying system changed from the previous year, and instead of 20 teams, 24 teams will enter the qualifiers in two groups of twelve to claim participation spots in the main tournament, but only 12 of them will make it through alongside the four auto-qualified teams from Marble League 2020.[1]

The Savage Speeders, O'rangers, Minty Maniacs, and Crazy Cat's Eyes are already confirmed to auto-qualify for the main league, so they will not be competing.

The Turtle Sliders, Snowballs, and Limers were originally ineligible to participate the ML2021 Qualifiers or the ML2021 main event because they were the bottom four of Marble League Showdown 2020. However, due to changes in the qualifying format, and the retirements of the Jawbreakers and Hornets, these three teams will compete in the ML2021 Qualifiers.

On April 13th, 2021, it was announced that the Gliding Glaciers would return to the Marble League and take the place of the Jawbreakers. Additionally, it was announced that a new team, the Solar Flares, would take the place of the Hornets in the Qualifiers after the Bumblebees' takeover of the Hornets.

Competing teams

Teams Method of Qualification
Midnight Wisps Marble League 2020 4th Place
Hazers Marble League 2020 6th Place
Team Galactic Marble League 2020 7th Place
Team Momo Marble League 2020 8th Place
Raspberry Racers Marble League 2020 9th Place
Oceanics Marble League 2020 10th Place
Bumblebees Marble League 2020 11th Place
Green Ducks Marble League 2020 12th Place
Thunderbolts Marble League 2020 13th Place
Mellow Yellow Marble League 2020 14th Place
Balls of Chaos Marble League 2020 15th Place
Gliding Glaciers* Invitation (Came out of Retirement)
Solar Flares* Invitation
Kobalts Marble League Showdown 2020 1st Place
Jungle Jumpers Marble League Showdown 2020 2nd Place
Chocolatiers Marble League Showdown 2020 3rd Place
Shining Swarm Marble League Showdown 2020 4th Place
Pinkies Marble League Showdown 2020 5th Place
Indigo Stars Marble League Showdown 2020 6th Place
Team Primary Marble League Showdown 2020 7th Place
Rojo Rollers Marble League Showdown 2020 8th Place
Turtle Sliders Marble League Showdown 2020 9th Place
Snowballs Marble League Showdown 2020 10th Place
Limers Marble League Showdown 2020 11th Place


All 24 teams hoping to qualify for Marble League 2021 were randomly placed into two groups, Group A and Group B, with one team per group being revealed between June 6th and June 17th 2021 on the JMR Subreddit. On June 8th however, a promotion video on the JMR Twitter revealed the 24 teams' placement in groups, resulting in a premature release of the qualifying groups in Marble League 2021.


Marble League 2021 Qualifier Groups

Group A Group B
Midnight Wisps Team Galactic
Hazers Raspberry Racers
Team Momo Bumblebees
Oceanics Green Ducks
Thunderbolts Kobalts
Mellow Yellow Chocolatiers
Balls of Chaos Shining Swarm
Jungle Jumpers Pinkies
Team Primary Indigo Stars
Rojo Rollers Turtle Sliders
Snowballs Limers
Gliding Glaciers Solar Flares


No. Event Air date Gold Silver Bronze
TBD Wave 18 June 2021 TBD
Funnel Endurance
Relay Race
Sand Rally


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