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The Marble League 2021 Practice Race was a sand rally race held prior to the Marble League 2021 Qualifiers on 14th May 2021 in preparation for the Marble League 2021. All 28 active teams at the time competed, including the Jawbreakers and Hornets, for which it would be their last race.

Indie of the Indigo Stars managed to score a gold, the first ever to the team's name. Meanwhile, Rojo Uno of the Rojo Rollers replicated their success from the Marble League 2018 Consolation Race, placing second, and Momomomo demonstrated their leadership of Team Momo by placing third. Yelley from Mellow Yellow was in the lead for a majority of the race, but hit an obstacle and fell off of a bridge, stranding themselves until they were dislodged.

The event also included several announcements; the retirement of the Jawbreakers, the merging of the Hornets with the Bumblebees, the return of the Gliding Glaciers, and the arrival of a new team, the Solar Flares.

At the beginning of the race, an insect located in the starting gate blocked the Ghost Marble from releasing in order to clear out any stuck marbles.


Rank Team Marble Time Delta
1st Indigo Stars Indie 2:56.70 -
2nd Rojo Rollers Rojo Uno 2:58.04 +01.34
3rd Team Momo Momomomo 2:58.50 +01.80
4th Chocolatiers Bonbon 2:59.09 +02.39
5th Crazy Cat's Eyes Red Eye 2:59.50 +02.80
6th Snowballs Snowstorm 2:59.82 +03.12
7th O'rangers Kinnowin 3:00.67 +03.97
8th Limers Lemonlime 3:00.72 +04.02
9th Team Primary Mary 3:01.04 +04.34
10th Oceanics Ocean 3:01.08 +04.38
11th Hazers Smoggy 3:01.25 +04.55
12th Jungle Jumpers Jump 3:02.50 +05.80
13th Turtle Sliders Crush 3:02.73 +06.03
14th Balls of Chaos Tumult 3:02.82 +06.12
15th Minty Maniacs Minty Drizzel 3:03.13 +06.43
16th Team Galactic Cosmo 3:03.14 +06.44
17th Bumblebees Bumble 3:03.40 +06.70
18th Jawbreakers Candy 3:05.53 +08.83
19th Green Ducks Mallard 3:06.59 +09.89
20th Kobalts Azure 3:07.50 +10.80
21st Midnight Wisps Wispy 3:08.56 +11.86
22nd Raspberry Racers Razzy 3:08.66 +11.96
23rd Savage Speeders Rapidly 3:08.72 +12.02
24th Shining Swarm Shiny 3:09.14 +12.44
25th Hornets Vespa 3:09.16 +12.46
26th Mellow Yellow Yelley 3:09.37 +12.67
27th Pinkies Pinky Rosa 3:10.88 +14.18
28th Thunderbolts Bolt 3:11.64 +14.94