Marble League 2021 will be the sixth edition of the Marble League.

The Savage Speeders are the defending champions, having won their second title in 2020.


The host for 2021 was announced as the Crazy Cat's Eyes, shortly after the end of Marble League 2020, having beaten out the O'rangers to become hosts. The only two teams considered are as follows:

Practice Race

Main article: Marble League 2021 Practice Race

Before the qualifiers, a practice sand race including all 28 teams was held. The Jawbreakers and Hornets were present instead of Gliding Glaciers and Solar Flares, as it also served as a farewell race for the two teams.


Main article: Marble League 2021 Qualifiers

Friendly Round

Main article: Marble League 2021 Friendly Round

Before Marble League 2021 starts, there will be a friendly round between the hosts and the pre-qualified teams.


Qualified Teams Method of Qualification Date of Qualification Marble League Appearance
Savage Speeders Marble League 2020 Champion 13 August 2020 6th
O'rangers Marble League 2020 Runners-up 16 August 2020 6th
Minty Maniacs Marble League 2020 Third Place 16 August 2020 3rd
Crazy Cat's Eyes Hosts 16 August 2020 4th

Main Tournament

No. Event Air date Gold Silver Bronze
OC Opening
1 Swing Wave TBA


Main article: Marble League Showdown 2021

The twelve teams that fail to qualify for Marble League 2021 will be entered into Marble League Showdown 2021.


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