The first event of Marble League 2018 was held on the 9th of February 2018, not only featuring the first event: the 5 Meter Ice Dash, but also the Opening Ceremony.

Opening CeremonyEdit

The opening ceremony started with a procession to March of the Snowflakes by GrandAdmiralMellacus. The procession was led by the Icicle King and the Icicle Queen, followed by the members of the International Marble Sport Committee. The competing teams then processed out to meet the King and Queen before lining up with the IMC. The host team, the Snowballs came out last with the Marble League flame. They then carried the flame up the steps to and lit the Marble League Flame, officially starting the Marble League. The anthem of the Snowballs was then played.


The 5 Meter Ice Dash is a racing event similar to the 5 Meter Sprint, the difference being the course is made of smooth plastic with no barriers between the marbles, causing an effect similar to slipping on ice. One marble from each team takes part in a heat consisting of four marbles. The top two fastest marbles move on to the next round.


        The team advanced to the semifinals.
The team was eliminated.

Heat 1Edit

# Marble Team Time
1st Snow Snowballs 5.01
2nd Pinky Winky Pinkies 5.07
3rd Pulsar Team Galactic 5.13
4th Minty Fresh Minty Maniacs 5.25

Heat 2Edit

# Marble Team Time
1st Hazy Hazers 4.93
2nd Swifty Savage Speeders 4.98
3rd Sublime Limers 5.08
4th Green Eye Crazy Cat's Eyes 5.10

Heat 3Edit

# Marble Team Time
1st Kinnowin O'rangers 4.95
2nd Wespy Midnight Wisps 5.07
3rd Razzy Raspberry Racers 5.15
4th Boltu Thunderbolts 5.22

Heat 4Edit

# Marble Team Time
1st Sea Oceanics 4.93
2nd Tumult Balls of Chaos 5.00
3rd Yellup Mellow Yellow 5.04
4th Mo Team Momo 5.14


        The team advanced to the final.
The team was eliminated.

Semifinal AEdit

# Marble Team Time
1st Swifty Savage Speeders 4.96
2nd Snow Snowballs 4.99
3rd Tumult Balls of Chaos 5.02
4th Kinnowin O'rangers 5.18

Semifinal BEdit

# Marble Team Time
1st Hazy Hazers 4.85
2nd Sea Oceanics 4.93
3rd Pinky Winky Pinkies 5.20
4th Wespy Midnight Wisps 5.25


# Marble Team Time
1st Sea Oceanics 4.96
2nd Hazy Hazers 5.04
3rd Swifty Savage Speeders 5.06
4th Snow Snowballs 5.09



Rank Marble Team Time Points
1st Sea Oceanics 4.96 25 Final
2nd Hazy Hazers 5.04 20
3rd Swifty Savage Speeders 5.06 15
4th Snow Snowballs 5.09 12
5th Tumult Balls of Chaos 5.02 11 Semifinals
6th Kinnowin O'rangers 5.18 10
7th Pinky Winky Pinkies 5.20 9
8th Wespy Midnight Wisps 5.25 8
9th Yellup Mellow Yellow 5.04 7 Heats
10th Sublime Limers 5.08 6
11th Green Eye Crazy Cat's Eyes 5.10 5
12th Pulsar Team Galactic 5.13 4
13th Mo Team Momo 5.14 3
14th Razzy Raspberry Racers 5.16 2
15th Boltu Thunderbolts 5.22 1
16th Minty Fresh Minty Maniacs 5.25 0
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