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The first event of Marble League 2017 was held on 1st July 2017, not only featuring the first event, the Funnel Race, but also the Opening Ceremony.

Opening Ceremony

This opening ceremony featured a procession of the Marble League torch followed by each of the 16 competing teams down a straightaway in front of all of the spectating marbles. The torch was then carried up the steps and was used to light the Marble League cauldron.


The Funnel Race was similar to the one used in the qualifiers. This event has 9 funnels connected in a downwards slope, challenging teams to stay in the funnels for as long as they can, done in a tournament-like fashion. The 4 marbles that stayed in the funnels for the longest in each heat moved onto the next round.


        The team advanced to the final.
The team was eliminated.

Heat 1

# Marble Team Time
1st Mary Team Primary 1:36.04
2nd Momomo Team Momo 1:32.16
3rd Kinnowin O'rangers 1:26.96
4th Aqua Oceanics 1:16.53
5th Yellah Mellow Yellow 1:08.09
6th Slimelime Limers 1:07.81
7th Wospy Midnight Wisps 1:03.21
8th Leap Jungle Jumpers 1:00.67

Heat 2

# Marble Team Time
1st Mocha Chocolatiers 1:33.80
2nd Whizzy Savage Speeders 1:30.98
3rd Pinky Toe Pinkies 1:26.48
4th Bolto Thunderbolts 1:14.89
5th Candy Jawbreakers 1:12.08
6th Shimmer Shining Swarm 1:06.10
7th Argent Quicksilvers 1:01.85
8th Pulsar Team Galactic 0:56.39


# Marble Team Time
1st Mary Team Primary 1:44.51
2nd Aqua Oceanics 1:37.41
3rd Pinky Toe Pinkies 1:27.04
4th Whizzy Savage Speeders 1:24.82
5th Momomo Team Momo 1:24.55
6th Mocha Chocolatiers 1:22.72
7th Kinnowin O'rangers 1:19.08
8th Bolto Thunderbolts 1:05.94



Rank Marble Team Time Points
1st Mary Team Primary 1:44.51 25 Final
2nd Aqua Oceanics 1:37.41 20
3rd Pinky Toe Pinkies 1:27.04 15
4th Whizzy Savage Speeders 1:24.82 12
5th Momomo Team Momo 1:24.55 11
6th Mocha Chocolatiers 1:22.72 10
7th Kinnowin O'rangers 1:19.08 9
8th Bolto Thunderbolts 1:05.94 8
9th Candy Jawbreakers 1:12.08 7 Heats
10th Yellah Mellow Yellow 1:08.09 6
11th Slimelime Limers 1:07.81 5
12th Shimmer Shining Swarm 1:06.10 4
13th Wospy Midnight Wisps 1:03.21 3
14th Argent Quicksilvers 1:01.85 2
15th Leap Jungle Jumpers 1:00.67 1
16th Pulsar Team Galactic 0:56.39 0


  • There was a false start in Heat 2 when the Quicksilvers, Thunderbolts, and the Pinkies didn't get out of their starting blocks until 3 seconds after release. The start had to be done over again.