The MarbleLympics Showdown 2019 is the secondary competition to the 2019 MarbleLympics and the first ever MarbleLympics Showdown. There will be 4 events.


In the 2019 MarbleLympics Showdown 12 teams will compete, including the 8 MarbleLympics teams who failed to qualify for the main MarbleLympics, the top 2 Hubelino teams of the 2018 Hubelino Tournament and 2 fan-made teams.

Team Name Method of Qualification Year of Origin
Limers 13th Place in ML2019 Qualifiers 2016
Team Momo 14th Place in ML2019 Qualifiers 2016
Rojo Rollers 15th Place in ML2019 Qualifiers 2016
Kobalts 16th Place in ML2019 Qualifiers 2016
Jawbreakers 17th Place in ML2019 Qualifiers 2016
Snowballs 18th Place in ML2019 Qualifiers 2016
Shining Swarm 19th Place in ML2019 Qualifiers 2017
Team Primary 20th Place in ML2019 Qualifiers 2016
Bumblebees Winners of HT2018 2018
Minty Maniacs 2nd Place in HT2018 2016
Hornets Winner of Fan Team Contest 2019
Turtle Sliders 2nd Place in Fan Team Contest 2019

Fan Team Contest Edit

The Fan Team Contest, introduced in 2019, allowed fans to submit a team for election to compete in the MarbleLympics Showdown. There were a lot of different rules for the submission


  • Submission phase from 26 February - 5 March
  • Promotion phase from 6 March - 10 March
  • Voting round 1 from 11 March - 15 March
  • Voting round 2 from 18 March - 22 March

Voting System[1]

  • Voting Round 1 gave each voter the ability to choose up to 5 teams out of the 21 submitted teams to give a vote to. Then the net result was taken. In the end 8 teams advanced.
  • Voting Round 2 used the "single transferable vote" system. Each voter would rank the 8 fan-made teams based on preference. The team with the least raw first-position votes had its votes transferred to whichever team the voter had ranked second. This went on for each round until only two teams remained.

Voting Results[1]

Events Edit

On June 18, 2019, in an announcement on the official Discord server, the four planned events were revealed to be:

  • Sand Rally
  • Collision
  • Funnel Spin
  • Balancing


  • The MarbleLympics Showdown will see the Minty Maniacs return to a ML-related competition after previously withdrawing from participation in ML2019 Qualifiers. They will be the first team to come out of "retirement".
  • It is currently unknown what will happen to the four teams that do not place in the top eight and qualify for the ML2020 Qualifiers. This will be determined prior to the release of MS2019.
  • Originally, 5m Sprint was going to be an event featured, but it was instead replaced with Collision.


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