Mandarin is one of the members of the O'rangers MarbleLympics team. Mandarin has competed in the 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 MarbleLympics.


2016 Edit

In 2016, he competed in the Water Race, unfortunately not being able to finish due to being stuck on the track. However, his efforts in Balancing, Team Pursuit, Collision, Relay Race, Precision Slalom, and Quartet Diving together with his team were successful, managing to reach the top 5 in most of the events he competed in with his team.

2017 Edit

2017 was a better year for Mandarin as he got 5th in Long Jump, and earned a silver medal in High Jump, jumping 37,5 cm. He also won a gold medal with his team after winning the Block Pushing event. Other than that, he also competed in the Fidget spinner collision, Relay race, Steeplechase, and Archery along with his team.

2018 Edit

Mandarin kept up his good results in the Winter MarbleLympics of 2018. Placing 4th in Ski Jumping and 5th in Snowboard Cross, he didn't get a medal, but contributed to the team with 23 points on his own. In the Gravitrax biathlon, he and his team got a silver medal, and he also competed in Ice Hockey, Curling, Team Pursuit, Halfpipe, and Bobsled with his team.

Medals Edit

The only medal Mandarin won on his own was the silver he got in the High Jump event of the 2017 MarbleLympics. Other than that he got a gold medal in block pushing with his team, and a silver medal in the Gravitrax Biathlon along with his teammates.

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