The MFC Championship League is a marble sports tournament. It has previously been held in the city of Hunluen. The league had a brief mention in a viral video about marble sports, leading to a boost in fans.[1]

Multiple Marble League teams started in the MFC Championship. The four original members of the Pinkies met while performing in the opening ceremony of the competition. In 2014 they entered the competition and came sixth. They competed using the dark uniform that they wore in Marble League 2018.[1] That year the Balls of Chaos, the only team still in university, came fourth.[2]

After the announcement of the Marble League, three places were offered to competitors in the MFC Championship. The top three teams declined, opting to stay in the MFC Championship. This meant the Balls of Chaos were offered a spot. The fifth-place team also declined leading to the Pinkies getting an invite as well.[2] The third spot was given to Team Momo, the champions of the Ramen Bowl due to a lack of interest from MFC teams.[1]

The Snowballs also competed in the competition in 2017 as an exhibition team to help them prepare for Marble League 2018.[3]


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