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This is a list of incidents that led to disqualifications in Marble League history.

Event Team Marble Round Manner of Disqualification Point Penalty
Marble League 2016 Event 2: Relay Race Balls of Chaos - Heat 3 Pushing a block off the track -3
Marble League 2016 Event 6: Water Race Rojo Rollers Rojo Cuatro Heat A Blocking another marble on a waterfall -3
MarbleLympics 2016 Event 12: Hurdles Pinkies Pinky Toe Heat 3 Jumping into another lane -3
Marble League 2017 Event 6: Relay Run Team Primary - Heat 4 False starting off-screen -3
Marble League 2019 Event 6: Relay Run Midnight Wisps - Heat 3 Tipping a relay block into an adjacent lane 0
Marble League 2021 Event 9: Triathlon Crazy Cat's Eyes Blue Eye Heat 4 Pushing Rojo Tres off the course 0


  • Prior to Marble League 2019, teams who were disqualified from an event had three points deducted from their overall point accumulation for the running Marble League edition.
    • As of Marble League 2019, whether or not a point reduction penalty will be issued for a disqualification is at the discretion of the JMRC stewards.