The Kobalts are a blue team introduced in Marble League 2016. After earning 2 silver medals, they finished in 9th place in Marble League 2016. However, Kobalts tied for 13th in the Marble League 2017 Qualifiers and were unable to qualify. They also did not qualify for Marble League 2018 after finishing 5th in their qualification group.

After failing to qualify for the third time in a row in the Marble League 2019 Qualifiers, the Kobalts competed in the Marble League Showdown 2019 in order to secure their spot in Marble League 2020 Qualifiers. However, the Kobalts did not place well enough to compete in the qualifiers.

Team Members Edit

Azure, Cerulean, Dodger and Royal were the original members of the Kobalts. Dodger and Royal were replaced by Meepo and Gnome in 2017. Royal, however, returned as the fifth and reserve member of the team in 2018. Azure became team captain in 2019.


The original members of the Kobalts in 2016.

2016 Team 2017 Team 2018 Team 2019 Team 2020 Team
Azure Azure Azure Azure Captain Azure Captain
Meepo Meepo Meepo Meepo
Gnome Gnome Gnome Gnome
Cerulean Cerulean Cerulean Cerulean Cerulean
Royal Royal Royal Royal
Color Meaning
Team Member
Reserve Member


Coach From To Events G S B Tot. Honors
Sapphire 25 February 2019[1] present 4 0 0 0 0


Pre-Marble LeagueEdit

The Kobalts come from the Central African city of Zuro, a city renowned for the sciences. The four original team members, Azure, Cerulean, Royal and Dodger, met while at a university in the city. They all studied chemistry (although Dodger was previously a history major) and met in the university laboratory, where they were experimenting on cobalt(II) oxide and alumina, which produces blue pigment. They all love four main things: the color blue, science, roll-playing games and marble sports.

The four first heard of the growing popularity of marble sports in their final year at university in 2014. In the small amount of free time the four doctorate students had, they would play Marbles and Monoliths, a popular roll-playing game, on a chat room called the Marblebase. In the middle of the campaign, when another user named Sapphire shared a featurette about the Knikkegen Marble League, the four watched the video together and got hooked.

Azure admitted that she and her friends had so much love for chemistry that they never thought anything would move them away. After finishing her final semester in Spring 2014, Azure contacted Sapphire and learned she was an athletics trainer with connections to Knikkegen. She agreed to train Azure and her friends. While not the most athletic marbles in Zuro, the four exhibited their intelligence with a good knowledge of anatomy and how to get in shape.

The four eventually came to be known as the Kobalts. They applied for participation in the 2015 Knikkegen Marble League, but their application was declined due to strict selection process. Undaunted by this, the team kept training and applied again the following year for what had become Marble League 2016. They were one of the few individual teams to be accepted, alongside the Oceanics and Team Galactic.[2]


The Kobalts had a decent start to Marble League 2016, coming sixth in the first event, Balancing. However, they did not do as well over the next three events, finishing in the bottom half, although they did earn a bonus point due to a track defect in Event 2, the Relay Race. Their next points came in Event 5, the Long Jump, where Royal came 5th. The team won their first medal when Azure came second in the next event, the Water Race. Halfway through the competition, the team were in 8th overall. Unfortunately, the second half of the competition didn't go as well. Apart from a silver medal in Event 10, Precision Slalom, the team failed to get any further points. They finished ninth overall with 20 points.[2]


With only two months to go before Marble League 2017, the Kobalts were experiencing some difficulties with training. Royal and Dodger were trying to balance the long nights in the lab with their jobs as chemists and the early morning marble sports training sessions. Royal admitted that he and Dodger both found a sense of fulfillment in marble sports, but they needed the money from their jobs and the opportunities they provided. The two left the team, leaving Azure and Cerulean with an incomplete team.

Fortunately, Azure, Cerulean and Sapphire had lots of connections from the Marblebase. They reached out to their Marbles and Monoliths party, and managed to convince Meepo and Gnome, brothers from the city of Elsham, to join the Kobalts. Elsham is also the place where many Marble and Monoliths conventions are held. Meepo and Gnome traveled to Zuro to start training.

Meepo made his individual debut for the Kobalts in the second event of the Marble League 2017 Qualifiers, the Sand Race, where he failed to show a promising result. He finished in 14th, dropping the team into last place. Although the team managed to come second in the third event, Block Pushing, a 12th place finish for Cerulean in the final event, the Funnel Spin, led to the Kobalts finishing the Qualifiers in 13th overall, failing to qualify. The team were disappointed, but understood that late changes to the team's roster affected their chances of qualifying. They watched Marble League 2017 from the stands and started to train together again.[2]


While training for Marble League 2018, the Kobalts were able to contact Royal. Rejoining the team as reserve member, Royal felt comfortable to return as the reserve position made it easier to balance his priorities, while at the same time trying to get the team back to shape. The team were prepared to redeem themselves.

The Kobalts were seeded in Group B in the Marble League 2018 Qualifiers. The team started with two sixth-place finishes. However, they managed to turn things around by coming 3rd in the 5 Meter Ice Dash and 2nd in the Halfpipe. Unfortunately, this was not enough for the Kobalts to qualify for Marble League 2018, as they finished fifth in the group and were one point shy of qualifying. They once again watched the main tournament from the stands.

During the offseason, the Kobalts participated in three events. Meepo finished in 5th during the Marble League 2018 Consolation Race. Despite this, the team failed to show promising results in the next two events. Azure failed to finish the 100 Meter Water Race. The team then failed to make it out of their heat in the Amazing Maze Marble Race. To add insult to injury, their bid to host Marble League 2019 failed.[2]


The Kobalts once again tried to qualify in the Marble League 2019 Qualifiers. Once again, they did not impress, with only one finish in the top half of the results, a 9th place finish in Event 2, Block Pushing. The team finished in 16th, failing to qualify for the third year in a row. Fans had accepted the circumstances before Marble League 2017, but questions were being asked about why they had failed to work together after this.

It was reported that the Kobalts wouldn't be attending Marble League 2019, and would instead be attending a Marble and Monoliths convention in Elsham. Before they set off, they heard of the Marble League Showdown. The friends had already booked their tickets, and so they went to the convention anyway, successfully remaining undercover. After it was over, they returned to Zuro to start training. Some fans questioned their decision to go to a convention, but Gnome defended by saying the team deserved a break.

The Kobalts returned to the Seven Seas Stadium for the Marble League Showdown 2019. The team had a decent start to the tournament, with Azure coming 5th in the first event, the Sand Rally. Unfortunately, the team faltered in Collision, finishing in 11th. The team dropped to 10th overall. Meepo could not turns things around in the third event, the Funnel Race, where he finished 8th. The team were hoping to get a good result in the final event, Balancing, only to get a mediocre fifth-place finish in the event. Staying in 10th overall, the Kobalts would yet again not be able to qualify, missing out on the Marble League 2020 Qualifiers.

The Kobalts returned to Zuro for a long, quiet offseason. Team coach Sapphire, while giving a tour of the team's stadium, the Cobalt Circuit, stated that her team have heart, but were heartbroken at their most recent results. She also claimed that one of the reasons for their failure was inadequate funding, although the Kobalts were not among the teams that retired at the end of 2018. Azure, on the other hand, assured that things would get better for the team in the upcoming Marble League Showdown 2020.[2]

Marble League 2016 Edit

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Balancing All 268 cm 6th 2 6th
Relay Race All 24.62 sec. 14th 1 10th
Collision All Heat Loss 12th 0 12th
Sand Rally Cerulean 0:59.75 15th 0 13th
Long Jump Royal 92.3 cm 5th 3 12th
Water Race Azure 1:18.60 2nd 7 8th
High Jump Cerulean X 13th 0 10th
10 Meter Sprint Dodger 5.182 sec. 9th 0 10th
Team Pursuit All 26.64 sec. 14th 0 12th
Precision Slalom All 42 pts 2nd 7 9th
Quartet Diving All 25.68 pts 14th 0 9th
Hurdles Dodger 5.76 sec. 13th 0 9th

Marble League 2017 Edit


The Kobalts failed to qualify for Marble League 2017.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Relay Race All 11.58 sec. 13th 0 13th
Sand Race Meepo 27.68 sec. 14th 0 16th
Block Pushing All 69.4 cm 2nd 12 10th
Funnel Spin Cerulean 0:44.91 12th 1 13th

Marble League 2018 Edit


The Kobalts failed to qualify for Marble League 2018. They competed in Group B.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Curling All First Round Loss 6th 3 6th
Snow Race Meepo 24.46 sec. 6th 3 7th
5 Meter Ice Dash Azure 4.94 sec. 3rd 6 7th
Halfpipe All 39.36 sec. 2nd 7 5th

Other 2018 Competitions Edit

The Kobalts took part in three other competitions in 2018: the Marble League 2018 Consolation Race, the 100 Meter Water Race and the Amazing Maze Marble Race.

Event Participant Final Result Place
Marble League 2018 Consolation Race Meepo 45.39 sec. 5th
100 Meter Water Race Azure DNF 22nd
Amazing Maze Marble Race All 34 pts 12th

Marble League 2019 Edit

Kobalts Logo

Kobalts' original logo for the 2019 season, designed by Hersh.


The Kobalts failed to qualify for Marble League 2019.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Funnel Race Meepo 0:50.50 18th 1 18th
Block Pushing All 102.7 cm 9th 10 16th
Relay Race All 10.74 sec. 14th 5 16th
Underwater Race Azure (C) 29.84 sec. 12th 7 16th

Marble League Showdown 2019 Edit

The Kobalts failed to qualify for the Marble League 2020 Qualifiers.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Sand Rally Azure 2:14.81 5th 7 5th
Collision All Heat Loss 11th 1 10th
Funnel Race Meepo 1:24.86 8th 4 10th
Balancing All 345 cm 5th 7 10th


Marble LeagueEdit

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2016 12 0 2 0 2 9th 20
2017 Did not qualify
2018 Did not qualify
2019 Did not qualify
2020 Did not qualify

Marble League ShowdownEdit

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2019 4 0 0 0 0 10th 19
2020 4 TBD

Gallery Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The Kobalts and the Rojo Rollers share the sad distinction of being the only two teams from the first Marble League to have yet to appear in any other edition.
  • The logo for the Kobalts includes 26 white dots on the rings surrounding the dark blue inner circle. These white dots represent the electrons of the cobalt element (Co).
    • That said, the badge should actually include a 27th electron in order for the cobalt atom to be balanced. The badge instead represents a cobalt cation, or a positively charged cobalt ion. The designer of the badge, Tim Ritz, states that the extra electron was omitted in order to make room for the "JMR" lettering that appears in every other ML team badge.


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