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The Knikkegen Marble League was a marble sports competition based in Knikkegen, a city in Central Europe. It was started by brothers Jelle and Dion Bakker. The competition was held in their own stadium, the Bakker Bowl.

In 2013, the KML grew in popularity due to appearing in a viral TV featurette about the growing popularity of marble sports tournaments. The next year, the KML received applications from around the world, most of which the Bakker brothers had to decline. The growing popularity of the KML attracted the attention of Greg Woods, who ran the Fruit Circuit.

In late 2014, Woods met the Bakker brothers, and they began planning an expansion to the KML that would add an international division. In 2015, this plan was expanded further to the entire tournament, eventually becoming what is known as the Marble League.[1]

Previous Competitors[1]






Team Placement
Team Primary 1st
Thunderbolts 2nd
Yarble Yellers 3rd


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