Klimduin Brechtdorp (officially Dopersduin) is a sandhill located along the Oorsprongweg north of Schoorl, a small town north of Alkmaar, the Netherlands. This is an alternative more quiet location compared with the "famous" and overcrowded klimduin located at Schoorl itself.


For the first two races held in Klimduin Brechtdorp in 2017, the track was given a short, sprint course lay-out. The next two races the lay-out was similar, but this time it was longer and a little more twisty. Klimduin Brechtdorp also hosted the final race in 2017. This time the lay-out was very long which resulted in it being the longest race (time) in 2017.

In 2018 races 3 and 4 would again be held in Klimduin Brechtdorp. The lay-out design was again a short, but quick track. This time also with a lot of twists and turns. The lay-out for race 7 was pretty similar, but the track was much longer. In 2018 Klimduin Brechtdorp hosted the final race, just like in 2017, this again being a long and difficult lay-out.


Race Winner Time Margin Starting position
Race 11 (2016) El Capitan 3:26.31 +2.03 P12
Race 3 (2017) Quicksilver 1:06.21 +0.06 P3
Race 4 (2017) Red Number 3 1:04.84 +0.67 P6
Race 5 (2017) Quicksilver 1:18.52 +0.01 P10
Race 6 (2017) Pollo Loco 1:12.72 +0.97 P5
Final Race (2017) H2 Blue 2:21.26 +0.25 P15
Race 3 (2018) Marbly McMarbleface 1:26.10 +0.13 P5
Race 4 (2018) Superball 1:21.20 +0.66 P16
Race 7 (2018) Black Knight 2:05.80 +0.36 P6
Race 8 (2018) Phoenix 2:57.26 +1.11 P17
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