The Jelle's Marble Runs Committee (JMRC) is the official committee of the Marble League. They organize and run every event and are responsible for anything related to Marble Sports on Jelle's Marble Runs. The JMRC's overall task is to make the Marble League, the Marble Rally and other tournaments even better than they already are by checking scores, developing scoring systems, inventing new events, advising Jelle and Dion, organizing competitions like the Fan Team Contest, running social media, establishing official canon and a lot more. This organization performs the functions of the International Marble Sport Committee from Marble League 2018.


There are currently twelve members in the committee, including the most important users of the community.

Member[1][2][3] Tasks
Mellacus President and PR-Manager
Stynth Lore writer and Marble Media
Little Mighty The Rollout and Marble Media
Betawolfs Graphic Design
Gee Consultant
Alayjo Marble Media and Graphic Design
foucaulf Channel Analytics and Consultant
Spex Designer and Analyst
Valencia Parker Writer and Editor
Miss Minty Moderator
Ghost Consultant
Flare Discord Moderator and Facebook Fan Group Moderator

Former Members

  • Darkarchon
  • Pax


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