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The Jelle's Marble Association (JMA), sometimes also referred to as the New Committee, is the current official committee of Jelle's Marble Runs that formed in May 2021 after the JMRC unanimously disbanded. It currently consists of 10 members. Similar to the group that preceded it, the committee's task is to advise Jelle and the rest of the team on how to improve the Marble League, Marble Rally, and Marbula One. Their duties include event checking, ideas, graphics, community outreach, and more.


There are currently 12 members who work in the group, alongside Jelle Bakker, Dion Bakker, Greg Woods, and former committee members Spex and Minos. Teun Vink and Kars van Weerde, part of the JMR Team, also participate in the group.

Member Tasks
Archie Aesalon Consultant
Dan Briggs Consultant
Jerry Cuberton Consultant
Dylan Danko Consultant
Dante Falabella Consultant
Terry Hankamer Consultant
George House Graphics Designer
Jon Katz Consultant
Nykke Naari Consultant
David Peterson Consultant
Tim Ritz Graphics Designer
Kevin Troxell Consultant