Jawbreakers are the white, blue, red, and green team introduced in MarbleLympics 2016. Jawbreakers are represented by Candy, Sweet, Sugar, and Taffy, and tied for 10th in the 2017 MarbleLympics Qualification round.

The team will compete in the MarbleLympics Showdown in order to obtain one of eight spots in the 2020 MarbleLympics Qualifiers.


Team MembersEdit

Candy, Tidbit, Mouthful and Tongue Twister are the original members of the Jawbreakers.

In 2017, Tidbit, Mouthful and Tongue Twister were replaced by Sweet, Sugar and Taffy, while Candy stayed in the team.

Since then Tidbit rejoined the team as reserve member, while Candy, Sweet, Sugar and Taffy are the current members of the Jawbreakers.

2016 Team 2017 Team 2018 Team 2019 Team
Candy Candy Candy Candy  Captain
Taffy Taffy Taffy
Sugar Sugar Sugar
Sweet Sweet Sweet
Tidbit Tidbit Tidbit
Tongue Twister
Color Meaning
Team Member
Reserve Member

MarbleLympics 2016 Edit

The Jawbreakers debuted the MarbleLympics of 2016 by getting the same score as the Thunderbolts, recieving a tied placement of 11th in the Balancing Sport. In the Relay Race, they won the first race against the Rojo Rollers, the Oceanics and the Chocolatiers and got a silver medal in the last race, losing to the Savage Speeders and getting 4th overall. In Collision, the team had the highest amount of points in Group 3, leading them to the quarterfinals where the Jawbreakers won against Mellow Yellow. They then advanced to the semifinals where they defeated Team Momo, but then lost to the Thunderbolts, getting them yet another silver medal. On the Sand Rally, Candy finished in 4th place in Race B with a time of 57.92 seconds and got the same placement in the final race, but was shown to be 3rd because of an issue at the finish line. In the Long Jump, Candy did poorly and landed in the lower half of the rankings, with twelfth place and a score of 80,5 centimeters. In Water Race, Tidbit barely escaped death since the first waterfall kept him for a little while, and rightfully so being the last marble to arrive to the finish line getting 5th place in race B and 9th counting the final race. In High Jump, Mouthful easily passed over 50 cm, but couldn't get over the 51 cm mark, resulting in 8th place. In the 10 Meter Sprint, Tonguetwister was not fast enough to make it to the final rounds, landing in 11th place. In Team Pursuit, the Jawbreakers won the first round against the Kobalts, but lost the quarter-finals to the Thunderbolts, ending in 6th with a gain of 2 points. In Precision Slalom, they did not move on to the quarterfinals and tied the 10th rank with the Oceanics, the Savage Speeders and the Limers, all having a score of 8 points. In Quartet Diving, one of the team members bounced off the ramp and cause the group to lose points, ending 15th with no points given. In Hurdles, Mouthful finished the second race in 3rd place, which is not enough to go into the final races.

In this entire season, they got seventh place with a score of 21 points.


Event Participants Final Result Place Points
Balancing All 226 pts 11th 0 pts
Relay Race All 23.85 sec (Race 1)
23.40 sec (Race 5)
2nd 7 pts
Collision All ---- 2nd 7 pts
Sand Rally Candy 57.92 sec (Race B)
57.88 sec (Final Race)
4th 4 pts
Long Jump Candy 80,5 cm 12th 0 pts
Water Race Tidbit 1:19.33 (Race B) 9th 0 pts
High Jump Mouthful 50 cm 8th 1 pt
10 Meter Sprint Tongue Twister 5.199 sec (Race B) 11th 0 pts
Team Pursuit All 26.721 sec 6th 2 pts
Precision Slalom All 8 pts (First round) 10th 0 pts
Quartet Diving All 24.52 pts 15th 0 pts
Hurdles Mouthful 5.68 sec (Race 2) 12th 0 pts

Collision Results Edit

Group 3:

Team 1 Result Team 2
Jawbreakers 4-1 Rojo Rollers
Savage Speeders 2-3 Jawbreakers
Jawbreakers 2-2 O'Rangers




Won Tie Lost PF PA PD
Jawbreakers 7 2 1 0 9 5 4
O'Rangers 5 1 2 0 8 6 2
Savage Speeders 4 1 1 1 6 6 0
Rojo Rollers 0 0 0 3 4 10 -6


Jawbreakers 1-0 Mellow Yellow


Jawbreakers 3-2 Team Momo


Thunderbolts 4-3 Jawbreakers

Team Pursuit ResultsEdit

Round Winning Team Losing Team
First round Jawbreakers Kobalts
Quater-final Thunderbolts Jawbreakers

Precision Slalom ResultsEdit

1st round:

Team Points
O'Rangers 20
Balls of Chaos 11
Jawbreakers 8
Limers 8

MarbleLympics 2017 Edit

Qualifiers Edit

Since the team earned 7th place in the last yearly tournament, the Jawbreakers had to compete in the qualification rounds for the MarbleLympics 2017. They earned a gold medal in the Sand Race, and finished 10th tied with the Limers, earning a spot in the official MarbleLympics 2017.

Event Participants Final Result Place Points
Relay Race All 12.27 sec 15th 0 pts
Sand Race Sugar 24.37 sec 1st 15 pts
Block Pushing All 55.1 cm 11th 2 pts
Funnel Spinning Sweet 41.36 sec 13th 0 pts

Main TournamentEdit

Candy started off the season with the first event, Funnel Spinning. He lost the second heat with the fifth spot and got 9th overall, with an accumulation of 7 points. In the Long Jump, Taffy landed in the middle of the pack and scored 69,1 centimeters, giving him 8th place and 8 points. They did mediocre in the Fidget Spinner Collision and ended up 13th, as well as the 5 Meter Sprint, where Sugar did not make it to the semi finals and got 12th. The Jawbreakers did not do any better in the Hurdles event as they got 13th place, but they stepped it up in Relay Run by winning the first heat, however they lost the semi final round. In Block Pushing, they got the highest score on the first heat, but had difficulty with pushing the plastic piece during the other rounds. After doing badly in the competition, Taffy surprises the crowd by getting 4th place in the High Jump segment, making it over 37,5 centimeters.In Steeplechase, the team did fairly well, but a member knocked down a stick and got a penalty of 1 second, placing 6th on the leaderboards for this event.

Jawbreakers finished the year with 13th place with no medals and a pointage of 83.

Event Participants Final Results Place Points
Funnel Spinning Candy 1:12.08 min (Heat 2) 9th 7 pts
Long Jump Taffy 69,1 cm 8th 8 pts
Fidget Spinner Collision All 2 PA 13th 3 pts
5 Meter Sprint Sugar 7.18 sec 12th 4 pts
Hurdles Sweet 10.79 sec 13th 3 pts
Relay Race All 11.30 sec (Heat 1)
12.46 sec (Semi A)
8th 8 pts
Block Pushing All 140.2 cm 9th 7 pts
High Jump Taffy 37.5 cm 4th 12 pts
Steeplechase All 42.67 cm 6th 10 pts
Archery All 33.5 pts 10th 6 pts
Underwater Race Sugar 13.83 sec (Heat 3)
13.91 sec (Semi A)
8th 8 pts
Sand Rally Sweet 1:28.25 min 11th 5 pts

Fidget Spinner Collision Results Edit

Group D:

Team 1 Result Team 2
Jawbreakers 0-0 Jungle Jumpers
Mellow Yellow 2-0 Jawbreakers
Jawbreakers 1-1 Pinkies


Team Won Tie Lost PT PF PA
Mellow Yellow 2 1 0 7 5 2
Pinkies 1 2 0 5 2 1
Jawbreakers 0 2 1 2 1 3
Jungle Jumpers 0 1 2 1 2 4


MarbleLympics ResultsEdit

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2016 12 0 2 0 2 7th 21
2017 12 0 0 0 0 13th 83
2018 Did not qualify
2019 Did not qualify

MarbleLympics Showdown ResultsEdit

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2019 4

Team Members' Individual ScoresEdit

Teammate Presence Participated In Medals Won Overall Points
Candy MarbleLympics 2016
MarbleLympics 2017
Sand Rally (2016)
Long Jump (2016)
Funnel Spinning (2017)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
11 pts
Mouthful MarbleLympics 2016 High Jump (2016)
Hurdles (2016)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
1 pt
Taffy MarbleLympics 2017 Long Jump (2017)
High Jump (2017)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
20 pts
Tidbit MarbleLympics 2016 Water Race (2016) 0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
0 pts
Tongue-Twister MarbleLympics 2016 10 Meter Sprint (2016) 0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
0 pts
Sugar MarbleLympics 2017 Sand Race (Qual. 2017)
5 Meter Sprint (2017)
Underwater Race (2017)
1 gold medal
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
19 pts
Sweet MarbleLympics 2017 Funnel Spinning (Qual. 2017)
Hurdles (2017)
Sand Rally (2017)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
8 pts
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