The Indigo Stars are newcomers to Marble League 2019. They had the intention of participating in the 2017 season of the Marble League. However, they withdrew from the competition because of mental health problems.[1]

After missing Marble League 2018, it was confirmed that the Indigo Stars, known then as the Purple Stars, would participate in the Marble League 2019 Qualifiers. Prior to their appearance, they competed in the off-season practice events during the summer of 2018.

On January 1st, it was announced that the Purple Stars were renamed to the Indigo Stars. This was because purple is a rare marble color; indigo felt like a more appropriate name for the team.

Team MembersEdit

Indie, Gogo, Diego, Bingo, and Montoya are the original and current members of the team. Indie became team captain in 2019.

2019 Team 2020 Team
Indie Captain Indie Captain
Gogo Gogo
Diego Diego
Bingo Bingo
Montoya Montoya
Color Meaning
Team Member
Reserve Member

The Indigo Stars (then Purple Stars) competed in the Amazing Maze Marble Race in 2018 using aliases such as "One Star" and "Four Star".[2]

Members timelineEdit


Coach From To Events G S B Tot. Honors
Ringo 15 March 2019[3] present 16 0 0 1 1

Note: Events include any kind of events (friendlies, other tournaments, ...).



The Purple Stars in 2017

The Indigo Stars, previously known as the Purple Stars, come from South Asia, particularly the southern tip of the Indian peninsula and the nearby island of Isle Hyu, a tropical island known for its array of colored stars, a phenomenon unique to the island. It is popular with marbles in the region as a place of natural beauty and as a place to hike, but they are also committed to protecting the island from over-tourism.

The five members of the team, Indie, Gogo, Diego, Bingo, and Montoya, as well as their coach, Ringo, all met on a hike on Isle Hyu in 2010. They all live in Bright Hyu City, a metropolis across from the island. The city is named for its bright, colorful lights which have been designed to recreate the stars. This somehow led to the name for the team: the Purple Stars.

The Purple Stars started training for the Marble League in 2015 and, in 2016, constructed the Bright Hyu Bubble, a stadium for them to compete and train in. They were going to take part in the Marble League 2017 Qualifiers. However, several members of the team suffered from mental breakdowns within the span of a few weeks. Ringo consulted with the team and, knowing what happened, he decided to withdraw the team from the competition. The Shining Swarm took their place.

In order to improve their health and mentality so they could prepare for the Marble League, the Purple Stars sought the help of professionals and adopted a healthier lifestyle with less heavy training and regular sleep. The team also started to travel to Isle Hyu at the end of every week to observe the stars before hiking around the island in the morning, a tradition the team continues to do.


The first teaser image for Marble League 2020 was photographed on Isle Hyu.

Montoya had been on the main team, but while the team prepared for Marble League 2019, she realized that she couldn't handle it due to anxiety, so decided to become the reserve member of the team. Gogo had tried to bulk up, but was eating the wrong foods. He started to become defensive about his lifestyle with his family, and when he was home, he got into fights with them, leading him to grow distant from them. He didn't share this with the team. The team, one day, asked him about his home life and he broke down. After months of therapy, he managed to repair his relationship with his family, although a rift remains.

After Marble League 2018 had finished, the IMC invited the Purple Stars to compete in the Amazing Maze Marble Race. Ringo consulted with the team, who agreed to take part, and submitted a bid to host Marble League 2019. They made it to the final round, only to lose out to the Oceanics. The team took part in the Amazing Maze Marble Race, under aliases such as "One Star" and "Four Star". They managed to come second in their group, but didn't move on as they were the lowest ranked second place team.

The team continued to train for Marble League 2019 and changed their name to the Indigo Stars to match their uniforms. On 1st January 2019, the team were accepted into the Marble League 2019 Qualifiers.[2] The team traveled to the Seven Seas Stadium to prepare for the competition. Indie took part in the first event of the Qualifiers, Funnel Race, coming 11th. Montoya took her place in the next event, Block Pushing and they came 5th, moving up to 8th overall. Indie returned for Relay Race and the team came 4th. Gogo finished off the qualifiers by coming 6th in Underwater Race, leading the team to qualify in 6th overall.

The Indigo Stars returned to Bright Hyu City to overwhelming support and encouragement from their fans. Some in the marblebase started to see them as the dark horse of the season due to the sudden popularity of fellow rookie team, the Green Ducks. The Indigo Stars paid no attention to these theories and focused on training. They returned to the Seven Seas Stadium after taking a quick trip to Isle Hyu for good luck.

The Indigo Stars started Marble League 2019 in the bottom middle of the group for the first three events, placing between 10th and 12th. They managed to come 7th in Event 4, Gravitrax Slalom, but unfortunately fell to 15th overall. The team then had a fifth place finish in 5 Meter Sprint, lifting them to 10th overall. This was followed by another two middle of the pack finishes before Diego came last in Summer Biathlon. At the halfway mark, the team were in 13th overall, while the Green Ducks were in second. The team were feeling intimidated by the more experienced teams and hadn't anticipated just how competitive the competition would be.

The Indigo Stars started the second half of Marble League 2019 with two twelfth place finishes in Hurdles Race and Hubelino Maze. Indie then made it to the final of Dirt Race, where she crashed out and finished in eighth. Because of Diego's exhaustion from the previous events, Montoya subbed in for Diego for Event 12, Rafting, getting the team their second eighth place finish in a row. The team were fifteenth overall.

The Indigo Stars decided to put in Diego for the next event, Elimination Race. He made it to the semifinal, but on his way down, he crashed into a wall, pushing Rezzy of the Raspberry Racers ahead of him, leading him to finish fourth. The team jumped to 13th overall. Rumors spread that Diego did this on purpose to try and help the Raspberry Racers beat the Green Ducks, but Diego denied this.

The Indigo Stars finally won their first medal, a bronze, in Event 14, Surfing, where Bingo managed to hold onto the surfboard a second longer than Speedy of the Savage Speeders. Bingo invited the rest of the team to join him on the podium and celebrate. Unfortunately, the team couldn't keep this up in the next event, Collision, where they were eliminated in the group stage and finished 12th. The team finished Marble League 2019 with a sixth place finish for Indie in the Sand Rally, finishing in fourteenth overall. It was not what the team had hoped for, but they were grateful for having had the chance to compete after so many years.[4]

Amazing Maze Marble Race Edit

The Indigo Stars, using the name the Purple Stars, and pseudonyms such as One Star and Two Star took part in the Amazing Maze Marble Race.

Event Participant Final Result Place
Amazing Maze Marble Race All 34 pts 12th

Marble League 2019 Edit

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Indigo Stars Logo

Indigo Stars' original logo for the 2019 season, designed by Hersh.

Indigo Stars Pim Logo

Indigo Stars' logo, designed by Pim Leurs.


Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Funnel Race Indie (C) 1:03.53 11th 8 11th
Block Pushing All 106.7 cm 5th 14 8th
Relay Race All 9.98 sec. 4th 15 6th
Underwater Race Gogo 29.05 sec. 6th 13 6th

Main TournamentEdit

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Underwater Race Bingo 15.73 sec. 10th 6 10th
Funnel Race Indie (C) 1:36.42 12th 4 11th
Balancing All 215 cm 11th 5 12th
Gravitrax Slalom All 9.22 sec. 7th 9 13th
5 Meter Sprint Gogo 6.189 sec. 5th 11 10th
Relay Run All 9.640 sec. 11th 5 11th
Block Pushing All 59.7 cm 9th 7 11th
Summer Biathlon Diego 33.96 sec. 16th 0 13th
Hurdles Race Gogo 9.328 sec. 12th 4 13th
Hubelino Maze All 47 12th 4 14th
Dirt Race Indie (C) DNF 8th 8 15th
Rafting All 37.92 sec. 8th 8 15th
Elimination Race Diego 17.92 sec. 4th 12 13th
Surfing Bingo 50.97 3rd 15 13th
Collision All Heat Loss 12th 4 14th
Sand Rally Indie (C) 2:01.94 6th 10 14th

Marble League 2020Edit

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The Indigo Stars failed to qualify for Marble League 2020.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Balancing All 270 cm 16th 4 16th
Funnel Endurance Diego 1:56.57 14th 6 17th
Block Pushing All 60.0 cm 10th 10 17th
5 Meter Sprint Indie 5.296 sec. 9th 11 17th


Marble League ResultsEdit

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2019 16 0 0 1 1 14th 112
2020 Did not qualify

Team Members' Individual Scores Edit

Marble LeagueEdit

Marble Competed in Individual events
participated in
Medals Won Total Individual Points
Bingo Marble League 2019 Underwater Race (2019)
Surfing (2019)
0 gold medals
0 silver medal
1 bronze medal
21 pts
Diego Marble League 2019 Summer Biathlon (2019)
Elimination Race (2019)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
12 pts
Gogo Marble League 2019 5 Meter Sprint (2019)
Hurdles Race (2019)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
15 pts
Indie Marble League 2019 Funnel Race (2019)
Dirt Race (2019)
Sand Rally (2019)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
22 pts
Montoya Marble League 2019 0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
0 pts

Italics - As reserve member



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