Eight teams participate in the Hubelino Tournament each season.

All Teams - Uniforms Edit

Hubelino Teams TimelineEdit

Team 2016 2018 Appearances
Black Jacks X X 2
Bluefastics X X 2
Bumblebees - X 1
Golden Orbs* X X 2
Green Gang X X 2
Minty Maniacs X X 2
Ruby Rollers X X 2
Team Phoenix X - 1
Valiant Violets X X 2
Symbol Meaning
X Team participated.
- Team wasn't introduced yet or retired.

Hubelino Tournament 2016 TeamsEdit

Hubelino Tournament 2018 NewcomersEdit

Retired TeamsEdit

Hubelino Tournament Standings Every SeasonEdit


Team Placement Points
1st The Green Gang 98
2nd Ruby Rollers 83
3rd Golden Wisps 71
4th Team Phoenix 68
5th Black Jacks 67
6th Bluefastics 62
7th Minty Maniacs 61
8th Valiant Violets 55


Team Placement Points
1st Bumblebees 73
2nd Minty Maniacs 67
3rd Black Jacks 53
4th Bluefastics 52
5th Ruby Rollers 51
6th Golden Orbs 38
7th Valiant Violets 27
8th Green Gang 16
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