Hazy is the captain of the Hazers. They have appeared in Marble League 2018, 2019 and 2020. They also represented their team in Marbula One Season 1.

Hazy's best event is the 5 Meter Ice Dash, in which they had won three out of four heats during the entire season, only losing to Sea from the Oceanics during the finals. It was the same result as in the Surfing (2019) just behind Skip of the Jungle Jumpers and the Sand Mogul Race (2020), just falling behind Ocean of the Oceanics.



The Hazers had a great performance during their debut in the Marble League 2018 Qualifiers, placing themselves on top of Group A as well as securing a spot in the main event.

  • 5 Meter Ice Dash (Qualifications): During Group A - Heat 1, Hazy was fast off the start and ran to the side to block their opponents. However, Yellow Eye opted for the side as well in order to rub off Minty Fresh's momentum and steal second place. As such, Hazy's lead was never contested.

In the main event, the Hazers racked up 1 gold medal and 2 silver medals, all of which from individual events.

  • 5 Meter Ice Dash: Hazy made a huge comeback against Swifty during the first heat, and had a clean run during the semifinals. They had a slow start during the finals alongside Snow, but Swifty had troubles of staying in line, allowing Hazy to catch up, earning them a silver medal.
  • Snow Rally: Hazy had an underwhelming performance during the Snow Rally. They started off Race 1 at third to last place, but caught up a few places and finished 11th, ahead of both Red Eye and Rizzy by only a few hundredths of a second. Hazy stayed in the middle of the pack during Race 2, finishing at 8th, earning a total of 15 Snow Points for 8th place, their points tied with Pinkydink in 9th place due to a DNF during Race 2.


At Marble League 2019, the Hazers qualified on top of the standings with 68 points in hand, with Hazy representing the team in one of the individual events.

  • Funnel Race (Qualifications): During Race B, Hazy started out strong but made a technical mistake while colliding with the other marbles at funnel 3, causing them to cascade down towards funnel 5 within fractions of a second. However, they took the momentum back from others during funnels 6 and 7, ending up second in their heat (the first being Clutter who won by strategic positioning at funnels 6 to 8) and third overall.

In the main events, the Hazers 2 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals, finishing at third place with 184 points.

  • Underwater Race: During Heat 4, Hazy had a great turn after the slope, and although having trouble staying off the walls, they managed to win the heat regardless, ahead of Rapidly by one hundredth of a second. Hazy had a better run during Semifinal A, with a back-to-back lead change with Quacky before finishing first at a time of 14.96s, the fastest in the event. In the finals, Hazy was lagging behind Rapidly when they were surpassed midway by Choc and Quacky due to how they lined up, making them last to finish.
  • Surfing: The captains Hazy and Thunder competed together in Heat 8 of each round. Hazy had the best performance in Round 1, setting both the best surf distance (31cm) and time (9.32s) in the round. Despite a poor showing in Round 2, Hazy managed to win a silver medal for their team.



Competition Event Event Type Place Result Points
Marble League 2018 Qualifiers Curling Team 7th Heat Loss 2
5 Meter Ice Dash Individual 1st 4.82 sec. 8
Halfpipe Team 1st 40.09 sec. 8
Marble League 2018 5 Meter Ice Dash Individual 2nd 5.04 sec. 20
Halfpipe Team 14th 26.81 sec. 2
Bobsled Team 14th 16.42 sec. 2
Team Pursuit Team 14th 33.82 sec. 2
Snow Rally Individual 8th 50.99 sec. 8
Curling Team 6th Quarterfinal loss 10
Biathlon Team 11th 24.52 sec. 5
Ice Hockey Team 9th Heat Loss 7
Amazing Maze Marble Race 2018 Maze Team 15th Heat Loss -
Marble League 2019 Qualifiers Funnel Race Individual 3rd 1:27.17 17
Block Pushing Team 19th 87.3 cm 1
Relay Race Team 1st 9.48 sec. 25
Marble League 2019 Underwater Race Individual 4th 15.52 sec. 12
Balancing Team 1st 438 cm (MR) 25
Gravitrax Slalom Team 15th 10.05 sec. 1
Relay Run Team 8th 9.749 sec. 8
Block Pushing Team 16th 45.6 cm 0
Hubelino Maze Team 1st 86 pts 25
Rafting Team 3rd 36.31 sec. 15
Surfing Individual 2nd 51.68 pts 20
Collision Team 11th Heat Loss 5
Marbula One Season 1 Savage Speedway Grand Prix Individual 2nd 5:24.47 18
Momotorway Grand Prix Individual 3rd 5:41.27 15
Greenstone Grand Prix Individual 11th 6:06.88 0
Midnight Bay Grand Prix Individual 8th 7:59.97 4
Marble League 2020 Friendly Round Block Pushing Team 4th 46.1 cm 1
Funnel Endurance Individual 3rd 2:13.24 2
Balancing Team 1st 359 cm 7
Marble League 2020 Balancing Team 7th 320 cm 9
Halfpipe Team 8th 56.34 sec. 8
Long Jump Individual 10th 81.00 cm 6
Block Pushing Team 16th 66.20 cm 0
Sand Mogul Race Individual 2nd 9.040 sec. 20
Relay Run Team 7th 8.802 sec. 9
Team Aquathlon Team 3rd 17.44 sec. 15
Collision Team 4th 3rd Place Match Loss 12
Marble Marathon Individual 12th 10:46.55 4
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