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Greg Woods is the commentator for the Marble League, as well as the Marble Rally, Marbula One and Hubelino Tournament. They are also a marble sports aficionado and the founder of the Fruit Circuit, based in North America.[1]

Greg Woods founded the Fruit Circuit in 2004. They founded the circuit with teams such as the Limers and the now inactive Strawberry Strudels, Boysenberry Ballers, and Grape Nuts. Other teams that joined the circuit were the O'rangers, Mellow Yellow and the Raspberry Racers. By 2014, the Fruit Circuit was running out of funding due to travel costs[2] and had been losing viewership[3]. In late 2014, Woods met with Jelle and Dion Bakker who ran the Knikkegen Marble League. They noticed Woods' strong commentating abilities and ability to reach out to teams around the world and they started plans to expand the KML into the Marble League.[2] Woods went on to recruit other teams for Marble League 2016 from regional marble sports tournaments from around the world.[4]

Woods, along with Jelle and Dion Bakker visited Hailfern to see the Arctic Circle during the fall of 2017 during their world tour. They liked the stadium so much, they offered the Snowballs the chance to host Marble League 2018.[5]

Greg Woods' marble in the commentary box

Real life

Greg Woods is the American commentator for Jelle's Marble Runs. He does the English commentary for all the marble events by Jelle's Marble Runs (Marble League, Sand Marble Rally, Hubelino Tournament, etc.).

He is also a part of the Alzheimer's Association of Iowa[7] and is a fan of motorsports.[6]


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