Green Turtle, formerly known as Super Turtle, is a yellow and green marble who competes in the Sand Marble Rally. Green Turtle is currently in the B League.

Sand Marble Rally career Edit

2016 season Edit

In 2016, Super Turtle evaded elimination in race 6 but finished only 18th overall with 89 points.

2017 season Edit

2017 saw Super Turtle place last in qualification and thus he did not compete in 2017.

2018 season Edit

After again placing last in qualifiers, Super Turtle, now renamed Green Turtle competed in the B League in 2018. Green Turtle came third in the second race of the season, but otherwise raced poorly, finishing 8th out of 11 in the overall competition.

2019 season Edit

Green Turtle again missed out on the A League in 2019 by a narrow margin to Cool Moody.

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