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The Green Gang are a dark green team with blue and yellow stripes introduced in Hubelino Tournament 2016.

The Green Gang achieved an amazing first place in Hubelino Tournament 2016, obtaining the highest total score (98 points) and the highest number of medal (8) within a single edition. In spite of this, their performance plummeted in the 2018 edition, consistently finishing within the bottom half and becoming the only team who did not medal in the season.

The team never expressed the willingness to participate to any Marble League competition, and since the Hubelino Tournaments were disconinued after 2018, they probably retired from marble sports altogether.

Team Members

Baldie, Bugsy, Parole, and Rattler were the original members of the team before retiring from marble sports after the disbandment of the Hubelino Tournament.

2016 -

Members Timeline

Hubelino Tournament 2016

Main article: Hubelino Tournament 2016
Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Funnel Spinning - - 6th 3 6th
Catwalk All 18 pts 7th 2 7th
Halfpipe Crash All 19 pts 1st 15 4th
Elimination Maze Baldie Eliminated 2nd 7th 2 5th
Quartet Jump All 21 pts 3rd 7 5th
Pursuit Slalom All 3rd Place Winner 3rd 7 5th
Swing Wave All 15 pts 3rd 7 5th
Combination - - 1st 15 2nd
Halfpipe Dash - - 1st 15 1st
Relay Course All 12.46 sec. 6th 3 2nd
Block Push All 9.2 pts 3rd 7 1st
Ball Battle All Winner 1st 15 1st

Hubelino Tournament 2018

Main article: Hubelino Tournament 2018
Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Swing Wave All Heat Loss 8th 1 8th
Catwalk All Heat Loss 5th 4 7th
Funnel Race - 2:03.16 8th 1 8th
Halfpipes - 20.72 sec. 5th 4 8th
Block Bumping All 14 pts 8th 1 8th
Relay Race All 16.57 sec. 8th 1 8th
Maze - Eliminated 2nd 7th 2 8th
Big Tower - 1:38.64 7th 2 8th


Hubelino Tournament

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2016 12 4 0 4 8 1st 98
2018 8 0 0 0 0 8th 16
Total 20 4 0 4 8 - 114


  • Despite bearing similar colors, the Green Gang have absolutely nothing to do with the Marble League's Team Momo.
    • Though during the 2018 season, Team Momo did ask for help from the Green Gang, likely for the aforementioned color similarities, after two of their members, Momomo and Momomomo, sustained injuries in the Bobsled event.