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The Gliding Glaciers are a white team with light blue and brown swirls and are currently represented by Alpine, Frost, Iceberg, Polar and Sheet. They first appeared in the Marble League 2018 Qualifiers and retired in mid 2018 before returning back for Marble League 2021 Qualifiers. They're the second team to finish on the podium in their first Marble League after coming back from retirement. The team is famous for their roller-coaster season in Marble League 2021 where they started out strong and then fell down the standings quickly before making a huge comeback in the last three events, getting 3rd overall.

The original team, consisted of Glide, Glidy, Glace, Glacie and Glacier, came from the island city of Glidavik. They met while at the University of Snoronto and became rivals with the university's other main team, the Snowballs.[1] The Gliding Glaciers were going to debut in Marble League 2017 Qualifiers, but they were denied the spot. They officially debuted in the Marble League 2018 Qualifiers . Unfortunately, they failed to qualify for Marble League 2018. Despite a third place in the 100 Meter Water Race in the off-season, they withdrew from the Amazing Maze Marble Race and retired.

The current team roster comes from differnt places around the world, and were all recruited by Glide, the coach of the new roster and Glace became the manager of the team. The team were invited to participate in Herbotamia Invatational and got 2nd, earning a spot by replacing the Jawbreakers in the Marble League 2021 Qualifiers. The team placed 5th in Group A and finished 3rd overall in the main tournament.

Team Members

Glide, Glidy, Glace, Glacie and Glacier were the original members of the Gliding Glaciers. In 2021, after coming out of retirement, a new team was recruited, with captain Alpine, members Frost, Iceberg, and Polar, alongside reserve Sheet. Alpine became team captain upon the team's return.

2018 2021 -
Alpine Captain.png
Color Meaning
Team Member
Reserve Member



Manager From To Events G S B Tot. Honors
Glace 13 June 2021 present 20 1 2 2 5 Marble League 2021 3rd Place


Coach From To Events G S B Tot. Honors
Glide 13 June 2021 present 20 1 2 2 5 Marble League 2021 3rd Place

Note: Events include any kind of events (friendlies, other tournaments, ...).


Pre-Marble League

The Gliding Glaciers

The Gliding Glaciers come from the island city of Glidavik, known for its small population and large glaciers. The four original members, Glide, Glidy, Glace, and Glacie, were friends from childhood and dreamed of going beyond the large glaciers surrounding the city, amplified by stories of adventure taught in school. They all promised that they would follow the dream of adventure and exploring the world for the rest of their lives.

The four ended up attending the University of Snoronto where they met Glacier, a history major from Kebearing, a city to the east of Snoronto. Glacier was also passionate about adventure and exploration through history and quickly joined the friendship group. The passion for adventure led the five to become interested in athletics too. They eventually started to train together at the university gym, where they encountered the Snowballs. The groups did not initially get along, becoming rivals in both academic and athletic competitions.

The Snowballs and the Gliding Glaciers decided to hold tournaments against each other in a variety of winter sports, including bobsled, curling and ice dash. These competitions started to define the university's culture as they were covered by local and regional news stations. The more they competed against each other, the lower the stakes felt to the point where they started to realize they had a lot in common and started to become more acquainted.

News of their competitions started to spread internationally and came to the attention of Jelle Bakker. As the Snowballs were leading the competition at the time, Jelle invited them to compete in Marble League 2016, which they accepted. This led to some awkwardness as the Glaciers felt they were just as good as the Snowballs.

Both the Snowballs and the Gliding Glaciers graduated in Spring 2016, ending their university rivalry. The Glaciers moved to Kebearing. Glacier had been working on an artificial bobsled track for an engineering course and ended up commissioning the construction of the actual track. The Glaciers finalized their design and construction started in the summer. Once completed, they planned to hold a friendly round to celebrate. The team contacted Jelle, who in return offered to sponsor the tournament and also helped contact other teams.

Unfortunately, only the Snowballs were available to contact, and they accepted. As a result, the planned friendly round became yet another part of the rivalry showdown. During the competition, the Gliding Glaciers set a track record of 6.588 seconds, over a second faster than the Snowballs. This was the final of the showdown, and this led to them winning the showdown 3-2.

Following their recent success, the Gliding Glaciers decided to apply for participation in the Marble League 2017 Qualifiers, and Jelle gratefully accepted. Unfortunately, the team's application was denied by the rules committee not long after, due to their uniform being too similar to the uniform of the Jawbreakers. Their place was later given to the Quicksilvers. The Purple Stars (later known as the Indigo Stars from 2019 on) were also to take part in the Qualifiers, but withdrew for an unrelated reason.[2]


The Gliding Glaciers face the Oceanics in the Halfpipe

The Gliding Glaciers were cleared to participate in Marble League 2018 and competed in the Qualifiers. They had hoped to be the hosts of the competition, but the Snowballs were chosen due to the construction of their new stadium, the Arctic Circle. The Glaciers were deliberately placed in a different group from the Jawbreakers to minimize confusion.

Expectations were high for the Gliding Glaciers due to the winter theme of the events, giving them enough confidence to take on the competition. However, the team performed poorly and stayed in last in their Group for the entirety of the Qualifiers, being mathematically eliminated from qualifying before the final event. Without the pressure of qualification, the team managed to finish in fourth in the final event, Halfpipe, but it was already too late for the Glaciers. Throughout the Qualifiers, they did not score a single top three finish out of the four events. They watched Marble League 2018 from the stands.

Glide finishes third in the 100 Meter Water Race

The Gliding Glaciers competed in two off-season events, the Marble League 2018 Consolation Race and the 100 Meter Water Race. In the latter, the team, represented by Glide, surprised most of their opponents by overcoming them and finishing third, behind the Jungle Jumpers and the Limers. It was the highest point of the team's professional sports career ever. However, Glide came away feeling conflicted after their unexpected success. Much like the rest of the team, Glide began to feel that the five would be better off sailing oceans and climbing mountains instead of competing in marble sports.

During the Amazing Maze Marble Race, it was announced that the Gliding Glaciers had retired and would thus not participate in the Marble League 2019 Qualifiers.[3] Reporters and sports observers attempted to contact the team, only to find out that they had disbanded. The five former members set off on an adventure to explore the entirety of their home island. They climbed to the top of one of the glaciers and watched the sun rise. They then raced down the slopes in bobsleds, thrilled by the feeling of truly enjoying their lives away from the stress of the competition.[2]


Despite having disbanded, the Gliding Glaciers had not ruled out a return to marble sports. They joined the acclaimed travel company Atlas Marbura in early 2019 and lead the northernmost branch in Glidavik, writing travel guides. They also worked with the JMRC in 2020 to help Stynth travel across Marblearth. Also in 2020, they were contacted by the JMRC for their artificial bobsled track designs. The JMRC requested the design for the purpose of the Marble League Winter Special. The Glaciers sent the plans to them free of charge.[2]


Candy, the captain of the Jawbreakers, called up Glide shortly after the Marble League Winter Special. The team was planning on retiring and wanted to inform the Glaciers of the news first due to the Glacier's original rejection. Glide thanked Candy for the opportunity to take their place but declined. Glide later had an idea to recruit a new team to compete in their name. Glide told the rest of the team and they all supported the decision, with Glacie offering their home in Glidavik as a place for the new members to stay.

Glide traveled across Marblearth looking for new members to reform the Gliding Glaciers. The first member Glide recruited was Alpine from Old Zeldan, an island off the coast of Oceania, who was competing in The Bourne Network for the Foresters. The second member was Frost from Vanillsinki who was competing in the Marble Sports Games in Philamarblia for the Valiant Vanillas. The third member was Polar from Marblyland who was competing for the Orcas. The fourth member was Iceberg from Bermenghank who was competing in the Marble Games for the Icebergs. The fifth and final member was Sheet from Sheetersburg. When Glide returned to Glidavik with the team, Glace offered to become manager of the team.

The team was invited by the Minty Maniacs to participate in the Herbotamia Invitational to test out the new team.[2] The Glaciers started with a bronze medal in Balancing followed by a gold medal in the Funnel Race for Frost, a silver medal in the Sprint for Sheet and a second silver in Collision. The Glaciers finished in the mid-pack for the final event, a lap race around Minty Mania, and finished in second overall behind the Solar Flares and ahead of the Yarble Yellers. While on the podium, a disguised marble appeared and revealed themselves to be Jelle Bakker. Jelle offered the top two teams a place in the Marble League 2021 Qualifiers to replace the Jawbreakers and the Hornets.[4][2]

Marble League 2021

Gliding Glaciers and the Snowballs in the starting gate of the Wave

The Gliding Glaciers were placed in Group A in the Marble League 2021 Qualifiers, the same group as their rivals, the Snowballs. The two teams were put in the same heat in the first event, the Wave and Gliding Glaciers managed to beat the Snowballs and finished the event in fourth. A seventh-place-finish and an eighth-place-finish in Funnel Endurance and the 5 Meter Relay respectively dropped the team down to eighth, four points away from the qualifying zone. They decided to send their team captain, Alpine into the final event, the Sand Rally. Alpine took the lead immediately and held it for a good chunk of the race, but dropped to third. Before the end of the race, Alpine was able to rise to second where they finished. This was enough for them to qualify, finishing fifth in this group, while their rivals, the Snowballs, failed to qualify.

Iceberg in the starting gate of 5 Meter Sprint final

The Gliding Glaciers had a a decent start to Marble League 2021, finishing fifth in their first two events in the Marble League, the Wave and Balancing. Iceberg then won a bronze medal in the 5 Meter Sprint, their first podium in the Marble League. At this point the team was in 2nd in the standings, tying Team Momo and placed 2nd because of a tiebreaker. Many compared their consistency to Team Galactic in Marble League 2020. However, it went downhill from there. Frost participated in the next event, Funnel Endurance, finishing sixth in the first heat, and was eliminated, finishing tenth overall. Two more 15th place finishes in the 5 Meter Relay and Jousting, followed by a DNF in the 5 Meter Hurdles, caused the team to fall from second overall to 14th just before the halfway mark.

Gliding Glaciers on the final podium

The competition started to improve again for the Glaciers with a second bronze medal in Event 8, Block Pushing, taking them to 13th overall. This was followed by a string of top half finishes in three of the next five events, but this was not enough to lift the team out of 13th overall. At the Sand Rally, however, their captain Alpine got silver in a four-way photo finish, getting their third medal in the Marble League, lifting them up to 11th overall. At Football, things went even better, as the team managed to beat all odds and won their first ever gold medal, propelling them even further up into 5th overall. In the final event, the Marblocross, they were once as down as 10th in the standings, but managed to get 6th which was enough to get them third in the overall standings, leaving them with a bronze medal at the end of the season, and therefore auto-qualifying them for Marble League 2022.

Marble League 2018

Main article: Marble League 2018


The Gliding Glaciers failed to qualify for Marble League 2018. They competed in Group B.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Curling All First Round Loss 8th 1 8th
Snow Race Glidy DNF 7th 2 8th
5 Meter Ice Dash Glacie 5.03 sec. 6th 3 8th
Halfpipe All 37.43 sec. 4th 5 8th

Other 2018 Competitions

The Gliding Glaciers took part in two other competitions in 2018: the Marble League 2018 Consolation Race and the 100 Meter Water Race.

Event Participant Final Result Place
Marble League 2018 Consolation Race Glide 47.23 sec. 10th
100 Meter Water Race Glide 3:59.90 3rd

Marble League 2021

Main article: Marble League 2021


The Gliding Glaciers competed in Group A. They qualified for Marble League 2021.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Wave All 28 pts 4th 8 4th
Funnel Endurance Frost 1:33.27 7th 5 7th
5 Meter Relay All 8.941 sec. 8th 4 8th
Sand Rally Alpine (C) 1:44.59 2nd 12 5th

Main Tournament

The team finished third in this tournament with 153 points, winning one gold, one silver, and two bronzes.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Wave All 28 pts 5th 11 5th
Balancing All 274 cm 5th 11 6th
5 Meter Sprint Iceberg 5.985 sec. 3rd 15 2nd
Funnel Endurance Frost 1:52.82 10th 6 3rd
5 Meter Relay All 8.840 sec. 15th 1 7th
Jousting Alpine (C) & Polar Round of 16 Loss 15th 1 11th
5 Meter Hurdles Iceberg DNF 16th 0 14th
Block Pushing All 169.40 cm 3rd 15 13th
Triathlon Frost 25.82 sec. 8th 8 12th
Steeplechase All 24.69 sec. 13th 3 12th
Sand Mogul Race Polar 53.79 sec. 6th 10 13th
Diving All 10.84 pts 4th 12 13th
Elimination Race Sheet (R) Eliminated Round 6 11th 5 13th
Sand Rally Alpine (C) 1:24.43 2nd 20 11th
Football All Winner 1st 25 5th
Marblocross Alpine (C) 7:36.19 6th 10 3rd


Marble League

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2018 Did not qualify
2019 Did not participate
2020 Did not participate
2021 16 1 1 2 4 3rd 153
2022 Qualified
Total 16 1 1 2 4 - 153

Career Events

# Events Gold Silver Bronze Total
2018 6 0 0 1 1
2019 Retired
2021 20 1 2 2 5
Total 26 1 2 3 6

Team Members' Individual Scores

Marble League

Marble Competed in Individual events
participated in
Medals Won Total Individual Points
Alpine Marble League 2021 Jousting (2021)
Sand Rally (2021)
Marblocross (2021)
0 gold medals
1 silver medal
0 bronze medals
31 pts
Frost Marble League 2021 Funnel Endurance (2021)
Triathlon (2021)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
14 pts
Iceberg Marble League 2021 5 Meter Sprint (2021)
Hurdles (2021)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
1 bronze medal
15 pts
Polar Marble League 2021 Jousting (2021)
Sand Mogul Race (2021)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
11 pts
Sheet Marble League 2021 Elimination Race (2021) 0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
5 pts

Italics - As reserve member


  • The Gliding Glaciers are the second team to have a coach who has been on the team before.
    • They are also the second team to have a manager who has been on the team before.
  • The Gliding Glaciers are the second team to finish on the podium in their first Marble League after coming back from retirement, following the Minty Maniacs.
  • They are the only team to finish on the podium in one Marble League despite getting bottom three placements in three consecutive events.
    • They are also the first team to be in the top three of the standings at the start of the season and drop to the bottom three before rising back to the top three in the standings in one Marble League, acheving it in Marble League 2021 along with the eventual winners of that season, Mellow Yellow.



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