The Fruit Circuit was a marble sports league that started in 2004. It was run by Greg Woods.[1] Teams in the Fruit Circuit took part in some minimal basic training before they started competing. Races were held once per week and had a cumulative score across multiple seasons.[2]

The Fruit Circuit was in financial trouble multiple times throughout its history. When Mellow Yellow were recruited, the Circuit needed more teams to get more funding. If the team had declined Woods' invitation, the Circuit would probably have shut down.[2]

By 2014, the Fruit Circuit was again running out of funds due to travel costs[3] and had been losing viewership.[4] Later in that same year, Greg Woods met with Jelle and Dion Bakker, who ran the Knikkegen Marble League. They noticed Woods' strong commentating abilities and ability to reach out to teams around the world, and they started plans to expand the KML into the Marble League.[3] Woods went on to recruit other teams for Marble League 2016.[4]

Each of the main marble racing circuits was awarded a limited number of spots for Marble League 2016, with the Fruit Circuit gaining three spots. The Limers, Mellow Yellow, and the O'rangers won the spots, while the Raspberry Racers just missed out on qualifying.[1]


Four Marble League teams had participated in the Fruit Circuit before joining the Marble League, namely:[1]

Other teams that participated in the Circuit include:[1]




Team Placement
Limers 1st
Mellow Yellow 2nd
O'rangers 3rd
Raspberry Racers 4th


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