Doornse Gat is a sandhill located in the park with the same name. It is east of "Doorn", a village located in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, 15 km south of Amersfoort.


In 2017 the two first races were held in the Doornse Gat. They were simple, medium races. After the summer break, races 7 to 10 were all held in the Doornse Gat. The lay-out raced on in races 7 and 8 was similar to the first one. The lay-out used in the next 2 races was fairly simple, not too technical, but longer than the previous ones. It has the teardrop where Red Number 3 got stuck while comfortable leading the race and it had a hard left turn at the end before the finish.

In 2018 there would only be two races held in Doornse Gat. The lay-out was more technical the any of the previous ones and it was also quite long.

Doornse Gat held the first race of 2019.


Race Winner  Time Margin Starting position
Race 1 (2017) Crazy Cat's Eye 2:03.06 +0.40 P1
Race 2 (2017) Big Pearl 2:03.08 +0.08 P10
Race 7 (2017) Dragon's Egg 1:45.10 +0.77 P4
Race 8 (2017) Red Number 3 1:43.64 +2.77 P7
Race 9 (2017) Slimer 2:10.88 +0.52 P2
Race 10 (2017) Wisp of Darkness 2:12.75 +0.15 P19
Race 5 (2018) Comet 2:20.44 +0.02 P4
Race 6 (2018) Red Number 3 2:18.37 +4.98 P6
Race 1 (2019) Crazy Cat's Eye 2:42.59 +1.29 P4
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