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Dairy Dash is a team competing in Last Marble Standing. Their colors are light blue with white stripes, and they are coached by 4Pint.

Team Members

Dairy Dash is made up of Yoggy, Buttercup, M-Shakes, Cheezy, and Creamo. Buttercup is the captain of the team.

2020 Team


Color Meaning
Team Member
Reserve Member


Coach From To Events G S B Tot. Honors
4Pint 21 May 2020 present 6 0 1 2 3

Last Marble Standing

Main article: Last Marble Standing
Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Funnel Spin * 3:44.64 3rd 4 3rd
Balancing All 586 cm 2nd 5 1st
Long Jump 4Pint 154.8 cm 6th 1 3rd
Collision All 3rd Place Match Win 3rd 4 4th
Block Pushing All 141.50 cm 4th 3 4th
Lap Race * 5:27.63 5th 2 4th

* Exact participant is unknown


  • Dairy Dash was the only team known in Last Marble Standing to send their coach to compete, as 4Pint took part in Long Jump.
  • Arla UK Special Last Marble Standing Page Team Description:

A team that’s known more for their speed than their endurance, there were more than a few shocked faces when we saw Dairy Dash in the line-up for the tournament. However, finishing just behind Milky Madness to take second place in the qualifiers, it’s clear this team have thought hard about what it takes to compete in these games. Shock has turned to excitement when anticipating what this team will bring to the table.[1]

  • Twitter Team Description:

Meet team Dairy Dash! This team is known for their extremely fast speed, which fares them well in events with short run-ups. However, they lack endurance, often wearing themselves out quickly! Who’s excited to see what this team will bring to the table?[2]



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