The Crazy Cat's Eyes are a Marble League team that is named after Crazy Cat's Eye, a Sand Marble Rally competitor. The team formed in 2018 and competed in Marble League 2018. The members of the team are Blue Eye, Yellow Eye, Cyan Eye, Red Eye, and Green Eye. The team first competed in the 2018 qualifiers: in Curling, the team got six points, in the Snow Sprint, Blue Eye got four points, in the Ice Sprint, Yellow Eye got six points, and in the Halfpipe, the team got four points, which was just enough to qualify.

In Marble League 2018, they finished in tenth place overall, earning a gold in Gravitrax Biathlon and bronze in Ski Jump.

Team Members Edit

Red Eye, Blue Eye, Yellow Eye, Green Eye and Cyan Eye are the original and current members of the team. Red Eye became team captain in 2019.

2018 Team 2019 Team 2020 Team
Red Eye Red Eye Captain Red Eye Captain
Blue Eye Blue Eye Blue Eye
Yellow Eye Yellow Eye Yellow Eye
Green Eye Green Eye Green Eye
Cyan Eye Cyan Eye Cyan Eye
Color Meaning
Team Member
Reserve Member


Coach From To Events G S B Tot. Honors
White Eye 15 March 2019[1] present 27 3 2 4 9

Note: Events include any kind of events (friendly rounds, other tournaments, ...).



The Marble League logo

The Crazy Cat's Eyes are a Marble League team not best known for their appearance in the Marble League, but for being the models for the Marble League logo. The team were personally requested by Pim Leurs, the designer of the logo. The team went for a photo shoot and were joined by a black cat's eye marble. They even got to meet Jelle Bakker while there.

Red Eye, Blue Eye, Yellow Eye, Green Eye, and Cyan Eye, all come from the North African city of Felynia, located between two rivers, known for its prestige in film and entertainment. The sand dunes to the east are nicknamed the "Cat's Dunes" after Crazy Cat's Eye, a Marble Rally athlete who trains there alone as no fan would be crazy enough to travel as far into the desert as him. The team were inspired by him, but are not affiliated with him.

In 2015, Felynia chose marbles from different districts of the city and put them together in a team, so the five didn't know each other previously. Their coach, White Eye, was also chosen at this time. They were submitted and accepted into the 2015 Knikkegen Marble League, which had received an influx of international applications. The Crazy Cat's Eyes' strengths were events focusing on accuracy rather than speed. White Eye made sure to train them in the two ancient Felyni traditions of stealth and speed. The team finished the competition in eleventh.

Over the next two years, the Crazy Cat's Eyes continued to train in order to improve their skills. Suddenly, they were invited to take part in the Marble League 2018 Qualifiers. Seeded in Group A, the team debuted with a third-place finish in Curling, where Blue Eye stopped right on the button, showcasing the team's accuracy. Another third-place finish in 5 Meter Ice Dash, as well as fifth-place finishes in the other two events, put the team in the exact qualifying threshold for Marble League 2018 in 4th of their group.

The Crazy Cat's Eyes started Marble League 2018 with an eleventh-place finish in 5 Meter Ice Dash. However, in Event 2, the Ski Jump, Yellow Eye won the team their first medal, a bronze, putting them into 5th overall. Unfortunately, the team faltered in the next event, Halfpipe, finishing in fifteenth. They fell to 10th overall. The team regrouped and made amendments, leading to sixth-place finishes in the next three events, and they were 8th overall at the halfway mark.

From this point on, the Crazy Cat's Eyes began to lose their momentum. Red Eye underperformed in Event 7, Snow Rally, and his thirteenth-place finish put the team into 11th overall. After two mediocre finishes, the team finally got to their next breakthrough in Event 10, Biathlon, an event that tested speed, handoffs and accuracy. They finished with a time of 25.53, breaking the Marble League record and winning a gold medal. The team entered the final event with the potential to win the League, although it was very unlikely as they were in 10th. Unfortunately, they came in last and finished their first season in 10th overall.

The Crazy Cat's Eyes' poor finishes continued into the offseason. Red Eye failed to finish in the 100 Meter Water Race, and the team came last in the Amazing Maze Marble Race. The team started to doubt about their performances, especially because of their poor second half in Marble League 2018. In fact, they never expected themselves to qualify for Marble League 2019, neither did the marblebase.

That doubt evaporated with the Crazy Cat's Eyes finishing first in the first event of the Marble League 2019 Qualifiers, Funnel Race. Green Eye managed to stay in the funnels for 20 seconds more than Mocha of the Chocolatiers in her heat. Undaunted by their last place finish in the next event, Block Pushing, the team proceeded to perform well in the next two events, including a third-place finish for Blue Eye in the final event, Underwater Race. The team qualified for Marble League 2019 in third overall.

The Crazy Cat's Eyes had a mediocre start to Marble League 2019. Blue Eye failed to replicate her success from the Qualifiers in Event 1, Underwater Race, finishing ninth. Coach White Eye decided to put Yellow Eye in Event 2, Funnel Race, instead of Green Eye, who was training for 5 Meter Sprint. Unfortunately, Yellow Eye couldn't replicate his teammate's success from the Qualifiers and came 14th, and the team dropped to 12th overall.

The Crazy Cat's Eyes turned their fortunes around by medalling in the next three events. Their first medal, a bronze, came in Balancing, an accuracy-based event. They broke the Marble League record, only to have it broken shortly afterwards by two other teams. The next event was Gravitrax Slalom, the team's preferred track to train on. They came first, winning only their second Marble League gold medal so far. In the next event, 5 Meter Sprint, coach White Eye's strategy paid off when Green Eye came third. This run of medals lifted the team into 4th overall.

The Crazy Cat's Eyes continued the League with some middle of the pack finishes, which was enough to keep them hovering around 5th and 6th overall. Then came Event 13, Elimination Race. Red Eye was chosen to take part, and managed to get into the final after finishing first in the second round of his heat. Red Eye continued to keep his momentum throughout the final until the final three, where he crashed early. This earned him his first ever individual medal, a bronze, and the team jumped back to 5th overall.

Unfortunately, the Crazy Cat's Eyes started to lose sight of the competition. Red Eye was already tired from his performance in the previous event, causing him to finish last in Event 14, Surfing. This was followed by two bottom four finishes in the final two events. The Crazy Cat's Eyes ended Marble League 2019 in 11th overall, which was a huge disappointment for the team. The fans were even more disappointed, especially with their performance in Sand Rally, since they come from the desert and Crazy Cat's Eye is so good on the sand.

Ever since the end of Marble League 2019, the Crazy Cat's Eyes were rarely seen at the their training sessions during the offseason. Rumors started to spread that they had gone out to the Cat's Dunes to train, leading to an assumption that the team would be likely to participate in Marbula One. However, they declined the invite, insisting that they would rather save their energy for the upcoming Marble League 2020 Qualifiers.[2]

Marble League 2018 Edit

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Crazy Cat's Eyes logo in 2018

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 9.34.24 pm

The team after winning the gold medal in the Biathlon


The Crazy Cat's Eyes qualified for Marble League 2018. They competed in Group A.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Curling All 3rd Place Win 3rd 6 3rd
Snow Race Blue Eye 21.21 sec. 5th 4 4th
5 Meter Ice Dash Yellow Eye 4.93 sec. 3rd 6 3rd
Halfpipe All 36.90 sec. 8th 1 4th

Main Tournament Edit

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
5 Meter Ice Dash Green Eye 5.10 sec. 11th 5 11th
Ski Jump Yellow Eye 121.0 cm 3rd 15 5th
Halfpipe All 26.79 sec. 15th 1 10th
Bobsled All 13.84 sec. 6th 10 10th
Speed Skating Red Eye 30.90 sec. 6th 10 11th
Team Pursuit All 30.88 sec. 6th 10 8th
Snow Rally Red Eye 52.09 sec. 13th 3 11th
Snowboard Cross Green Eye 52.87 sec. 11th 5 11th
Curling All Heat Loss 9th 7 12th
Biathlon All 22.53 sec. 1st 25 9th
Ice Hockey All Heat Loss 11th 5 10th
Sand Mogul Race Yellow Eye 6.81 sec. 16th 0 10th

Other 2018 Competitions Edit

The Crazy Cat's Eyes took part in two other competitions in 2018: the 100 Meter Water Race and the Amazing Maze Marble Race.

Event Participant Final Result Place
100 Meter Water Race Red Eye DNF 23rd
Amazing Maze Marble Race All 18 pts 24th

Marble League 2019 Edit

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Crazy Cat's Eyes Logo

Crazy Cat's Eyes' original logo for the 2019 season, designed by Betawolfs & Hershy.

Crazy Cat's Eyes Pim Logo

2019 Crazy Cat's Eyes logo, designed by Pim Leurs.


The Crazy Cat's Eyes qualified for Marble League 2019.

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Funnel Race Green Eye 1:44.40 1st 25 1st
Block Pushing All 82.4 cm 20th 1 4th
Relay Race All 10.34 sec. 8th 11 5th
Underwater Race Blue Eye 28.34 sec. 3rd 17 3rd

Main TournamentEdit

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Underwater Race Blue Eye 15.67 sec. 9th 7 9th
Funnel Race Yellow Eye 1:33.89 14th 2 13th
Balancing All 351 cm 3rd 15 7th
Gravitrax Slalom All 8.54 sec. 1st 25 5th
5 Meter Sprint Green Eye 6.238 sec. 3rd 15 4th
Relay Run All 9.249 sec. 10th 6 5th
Block Pushing All 63.0 cm 6th 10 5th
Summer Biathlon Red Eye (C) 31.60 sec. 10th 6 6th
Hurdles Race Blue Eye 9.006 sec. 9th 7 5th
Hubelino Maze All 38 13th 3 6th
Dirt Race Yellow Eye DNF 12th 4 6th
Rafting All 37.97 sec. 9th 7 6th
Elimination Race Red Eye (C) 16.80 sec. 3rd 15 5th
Surfing Red Eye (C) 33.35 16th 0 7th
Collision All Group Loss 14th 2 8th
Sand Rally Green Eye 2:04.24 15th 1 11th

Marble League 2020 Edit

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Qualifiers Edit

The Crazy Cat's Eyes qualified for Marble League 2020.

Event Participant Final Result Place Points Overall Standing
Balancing All 407 cm 1st 25 1st
Funnel Endurance Cyan Eye 2:07.31 9th 11 1st
Block Pushing All 56.6 cm 16th 4 3rd
5 Meter Sprint Red Eye (C) 5.221 sec. 2nd 21 2nd

Main Tournament Edit

Event Participant Final Result Placing Points Overall Standing
Balancing All 331 cm 5th 11 5th
Halfpipe All 64.49 sec. 2nd 20 3rd
Funnel Endurance Cyan Eye 2:00.77 6th 10 3rd
Newton's Cradle Green Eye & Yellow Eye 104.85 cm 4th 12 3rd
Long Jump Blue Eye 83.30 cm 1st 25 3rd
5 Meter Hurdles Yellow Eye 8.637 sec. 4th 12 3rd
Block Pushing All 78.55 cm 7th 9 2nd
Triathlon Green Eye 33.26 sec. 12th 4 3rd
Sand Mogul Race Green Eye 9.418 sec. 7th 9 3rd
5 Meter Sprint Red Eye 6.202 sec. 12th 4 3rd
Black Hole Funnel Blue Eye & Red Eye 95.12 sec. 3rd 15 4th


Marble LeagueEdit

Year Events Medals Result Points
G S B Tot.
2018 12 1 0 1 2 10th 96
2019 16 1 0 3 4 11th 125
2020 TBD

Team Members' Individual Scores Edit

Marble LeagueEdit

Marble Competed in Individual events
participated in
Medals Won Total Individual Points
Blue Eye Marble League 2018
Marble League 2019
Marble League 2020
Underwater Race (2019)
Hurdles Race (2019)
Long Jump (2020)
Black Hole Funnel (2020)
1 gold medal
0 silver medals
1 bronze medal
54 pts
Cyan Eye Marble League 2018
Marble League 2019
Marble League 2020
Funnel Endurance (2020) 0 gold medals
0 silver medals
0 bronze medals
10 pts
Green Eye Marble League 2018
Marble League 2019
Marble League 2020
5 Meter Ice Dash (2018)
Snowboard Cross (2018)
Sand Rally (2019)
5 Meter Sprint (2019)
Newton's Cradle (2020)
Triathlon (2020)
Sand Mogul Race (2020)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
1 bronze medal
51 pts
Red Eye Marble League 2018
Marble League 2019
Marble League 2020
Speed Skating (2018)
Snow Rally (2018)
Summer Biathlon (2019)
Elimination Race (2019)
Surfing (2019)
5 Meter Sprint (2020)
Black Hole Funnel (2020)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
2 bronze medals
53 pts
Yellow Eye Marble League 2018
Marble League 2019
Marble League 2020
Ski Jump (2018)
Sand Mogul Race (2018)
Funnel Race (2019)
Dirt Race (2019)
Newton's Cradle (2020)
5 Meter Hurdles (2020)
0 gold medals
0 silver medals
1 bronze medal
45 pts

Italics - As reserve member

Gallery Edit


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