Clementin O'Marble is is one of the members of the O'rangers Marble League team.

He appeared in 7 events out of 12, but just once by himself. He did not earn any medals, and his best result is 4th place, achieved in the 10 Meter Sprint (his individual start), Team Pursuit and Quartet Diving.

2016 MarbleLympicsEdit

After a shaky start to the competition, the O'Rangers did a quick progress, placing 4th and 5th both twice. 

Clementine won the heat in the only event that he participated without his teammates, the 10 Meter Sprint. He easily crossed the line way ahead of Pinky Rosa from Pinkies, Astron from Team Galactic and Rima from Team Primary, clocking at 5.063 seconds. Unfortunately, he couldn't keep up the pace in the final, claiming the 4th place behind Rapidly from Savage Speeders, Choc from Chocolatiers and Clutter from Balls of Chaos.

Event Participants Final Result Place Points
Balancing All 244 pts 9 0
Relay Race All 25.09 sec 14 1
Collision All ---- 5 3
10 Meter Sprint Clementin 5.157 sec 4 4
Team Pursuit All ---- 4 4
Precision Slalom All ---- 5 3
Quartet Diving All 36,68 4 4


  • Clementin is of Dutch heritage and lives in the Floridian panhandle on the O'Marbles orange farm.[1]
  • Clementin was one of the founding members of the O'rangers alongside his brothers Kinnowin, Mandarin, Tangerin, and his sister, Orangin.[1]


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