Clementin O'Marble is one of the members of the O'rangers Marble League team. He has been part of the team since Marble League 2016.


Pre-Marble LeagueEdit

Clementin is a member of the O'rangers, a team of five siblings from the southeast of North America. The five come from the O'Marbles family, who run an orange farm close to the city of Orlango and also specialize in bull-wrangling and off-road racing. Mandarin, the current patriarch of the family, founded the O'rangers with his brothers Clementin, Kinnowin, Tangerin and his sister Orangin in 2006, and participated in local competitions.

Over the first two years of competing, the O'rangers performed well enough to be noticed by Greg Woods, owner of the Fruit Circuit. In 2008, Woods visited the O'Marbles farm to verify that the O'rangers are a fruit-based team before inviting them to join the Fruit Circuit. The team accepted, and went on to compete in the Fruit Circuit for eight years before it shut down in 2016 due to the rise of the Marble League. In the final year of the Fruit Circuit, the O'rangers managed to earn enough points in the final race to beat the Raspberry Racers for the third spot. The team, along with the Limers and Mellow Yellow, qualified for Marble League 2016.[1]


Initially, the O'rangers were skeptical of Marble League 2016, and so went to the first event, Balancing, under the names O1, O2, O3 and O4, coming in 9th. The team saw the seriousness of the competition. The four decided to reveal their true names before participating in the next event, the Relay Race. In said event, they finished 15th, but got a consolation point because of a construction defect in their lane. They earned their first points by finishing 5th in Event 3, Collision.

In Event 5, the Long Jump, Kinnowin broke the pre-existing Marble League record by 10 centimeters, winning the event and earning the O'rangers their first medal ever, a gold, and 10 points. They did not win any medals in the remaining events, but still finished strong with five top half finishes in a row. In this time Clementin finished 4th in Event 8, the 10 Meter Sprint. This helped the team end Marble League 2016 in 5th overall with 31 points. Of course they were happy with the results, but wanted more. Mandarin decided to build the team's very own training ground close to the farm.[1]


The O'rangers qualified for Marble League 2017 in third. Clementin had come 7th in the Funnel Spin. They started the main competition in the upper half of the field, scoring two 7th places and a 5th-place finish in the first three events. Clementin earned the team a bronze medal in Event 5, the Hurdles. The team had continued their training even during the Marble League, but they eventually decided to stop so they could conserve their energy. However, the O'rangers had a few shaky performances in the first half of the season. As of Event 6, the Relay Run, the team had dropped to 9th in the overall standings.

But the O'rangers would soon make up for it by breaking a Marble League record and earning themselves a gold medal in Event 7, Block Pushing, moving up five spots in the standings into 4th place. Their fans were so ecstatic that they attempted to run onto the pitch to celebrate, only to be blocked by a security marble. This marked the start of the team's dominance in the remainder of the season as the O'rangers, boosted by the sheer energy of their fans who convinced them to keep pushing, proceeded to finish on the podium in three of the remaining five events.

In Event 8, the High Jump, Mandarin performed exceptionally, claiming a silver medal as he came in second behind Yellah of Mellow Yellow (who broke the Marble League record). In the second-to-last event, the Underwater Race, Kinnowin beat the Marble League record in the semifinal and, in the final, finished 2nd behind Wospy of the Midnight Wisps. This was enough to close the gap to the overall leaders and their rivals for the title, the Savage Speeders, to just 10 points.

In the final event, the Sand Rally, Swifty of the Savage Speeders was eliminated in the first heat, leaving the door to the championship wide open for the O'rangers. In fact, Clementin comfortably finished in the top 4 in his Heat race. Even though he finished second to Starry of Team Galactic, the O'rangers were able to steal the lead in the overall standings from the Savage Speeders to win Marble League 2017. But that's not all, they also automatically qualified for Marble League 2018. The team followed this up with a world victory tour. It was such a big deal that they closed the O'Marbles farm for a month and invited their entire family on the trip, causing a month-long decline in orange production.[1]


Orangin joined the team as the reserve in 2018. The year started with the Friendly Round, where the O'rangers came in third. That didn't matter much as the team emerged as the most consistent of all competing teams in Marble League 2018, finishing within the top half in ten out of the twelve events. In the first nine events, they only scored a bottom half finish once in Event 3, the Halfpipe. During this time Clementin came 7th in Event 5, Speed Skating. Just like the previous year, the team used the strategy of conserving their energy. They eventually claimed their only medal of the season, a silver, in Event 10, the Biathlon, taking them to 2nd place overall.

Unfortunately, the O'rangers could not keep it up in the final event, the Sand Mogul Race. The team still had a chance of winning the League, but Kinnowin came in third in his heat and was thus eliminated. The team dropped to 4th overall at the end of Marble League 2018 and were nine points behind the Oceanics, seemingly missing out on pre-qualifying for Marble League 2019, despite their consistency throughout the season.

During the offseason, the O'rangers trained at their O'raceway track and participated in the 100 Meter Water Race and the Amazing Maze Marble Race. Mandarin couldn't replicate his previous success in the water, coming in 20th, but the team managed to come in second in the maze.[1]


The team had put in a bid to host Marble League 2019, which they lost to the Oceanics. But this left open one pre-qualifying spot for the O'rangers to claim. The team managed to come second in the Friendly Round, just one point behind the first-placed Oceanics.

The O'rangers started Marble League 2019 with a new coach: Rango. Kinnowin, who was now the captain of the team, started the competition off poorly with a 14th-place finish in Event 1, the Underwater Race. This was followed by Clementin crashing into the wall at the start of the next event, the Funnel Race, leading him to stop due to head trauma. He was unable to finish, and the team dropped to dead last overall for the first time in their history. The doctors confirmed Clementin's injury was minor, and recommended him to stay off the roster for a couple of events.

The O'rangers followed this up with three middle of the pack finishes. However, in Event 6, the Relay Run, the team earned a silver medal after beating the Pinkies in a tiebreaker race-off in the semifinals, moving the team up to 9th overall. Despite their strong performances in the next three events, the team fell to eleventh. After Event 10, the Hubelino Maze, the team rose back to ninth, but a streak of poor results followed, including an 11th-place finish for Clementin in Event 11, the Dirt Race. In Event 13, the Elimination Race, Mandarin crashed out of his heat, making the team fall back to 11th. However, they did earn an extra two consolation points due to a track defect.

Unfortunately, a disappointing 11th-place finish in Surfing confirmed the O'rangers would no longer be able to finish in the top three. The next event was Collision, where the team admittedly had never got past the quarterfinals. However, they impressed the fans by winning the event, earning their first gold medal since 2017. The team jumped to 7th place overall. Along with this gold medal, they had a strong end to the season with a fourth-place finish for Kinnowin in the final event, the Sand Rally, finishing in 6th place overall. Through the struggles, the team had grown even stronger.[1]


While training for the Marble League 2020 Qualifiers, the O'rangers received an invitation to participate in Marbula One Season 1. Interested, they accepted it, and chose Clementin, "Our Darling", and Orangin, "True Orange", to represent them. The O'rangers quickly became a much-favored champion candidate in Marbula One as the fans believed that their strong overall performance in Marble League could be extended here. The team would be hosting the second Grand Prix at the O'raceway in Orlango.

Clementin successfully earned poll position in his debut at the Savage Speedway Grand Prix. However, during the race he hit an attenuator and fell behind, finishing in sixth. Orangin made her debut at home at the O'raceway Grand Prix. Unfortunately she qualified in 15th and finished the race in 14th, leading fans to blame the Host's Curse.

Clementin's next appearance was a the Momotorway Grand Prix where he came 5th, but did manage to get the fastest lap. Orangin started to turn her season around by qualifying in second at the Hivedrive Grand Prix, but she fell victim to the hive during the race and finished in 8th.

The team's fortunes started to improve at the Greenstone Grand Prix where Orangin qualified in second, 15 milliseconds behind first, before winning the Grand Prix, her first individual medal. She had led the race for six of the eight laps. Clementin didn't do so well at the Short Circuit Grand Prix, finishing in 10th but again setting the fastest lap. Orangin's final Grand Priz was at the Razzway. She managed to qualify in second. During the race she never left the top five, finishing in second as well as setting the fastest lap. This brought the O'rangers to third overall with one Grand Prix left, the Midnight Bay Grand Prix.

Clementin's qualifying was mired in controversy due to Speedy from the Savage Speeders starting their qualification lap before Clementin had finished. Clementin qualified in 11th, diminishing the team's chances of gold. The O'rangers' fate was sealed by a 12th-place finish, making the team finish in third overall. They had managed to set three out of eight of the fastest laps.[1]


Competition Event Event Type Place Result Points
Marble League 2016 Balancing Team 9th 244 cm 0
Relay Race Team 15th 25.09 sec. 1
Collision Team 5th Quarterfinal Loss 3
10 Meter Sprint Individual 4th 5.157 sec. 4
Team Pursuit Team 4th 26.68 sec. 4
Precision Slalom Team 5th 23 pts 3
Quartet Diving Team 4th 36.68 pts 4
Marble League 2017 Qualifiers Relay Race Team 3rd 10.11 sec. 10
Block Pushing Team 6th 63.3 cm 7
Funnel Spin Individual 7th 0:53.58 6
Marble League 2017 Fidget Spinner Collision Team 7th Quarterfinal Loss 9
Hurdles Individual 3rd 9.28 sec. 15
Relay Run Team 14th 12.42 sec. 2
Block Pushing Team 1st 82.6 cm (MR) 25
Steeplechase Team 4th 42.13 sec. 12
Archery Team 8th 33.5 pts 8
Sand Rally Individual 2nd 1:25.97 20
Marble League 2018 Friendly Round Curling Team 1st - 5
Halfpipe Team 4th 35.48 sec. 1
Marble League 2018 Halfpipe Team 13th 26.99 sec. 3
Bobsled Team 8th 14.60 sec. 8
Speed Skating Individual 7th 31.16 sec. 9
Team Pursuit Team 7th 31.69 sec. 9
Curling Team 4th 3rd Place Loss 12
Biathlon Team 2nd 23.06 sec. 20
Ice Hockey Team 5th Quarterfinal Loss 11
Amazing Maze Marble Race 2018 Maze Team 2nd Runners Up -
Marble League 2019 Friendly Round Block Pushing Team 1st 97.0 cm 7
Relay Run Team 4th 11.03 sec. 1
Marble League 2019 Funnel Race Individual 16th DNF 0
Balancing Team 9th 226 cm 7
Gravitrax Slalom Team 13th 9.92 sec. 3
Relay Run Team 2nd 9.823 sec. 20
Block Pushing Team 5th 63.2 cm 11
Hubelino Maze Team 6th 49 pts 10
Dirt Race Individual 11th DNF 5
Rafting Team 12th 39.69 sec. 4
Collision Team 1st Winner 25
Marbula One Season 1 Savage Speedway Grand Prix Individual 6th 5:28.32 8
Momotorway Grand Prix Individual 5th 5:43.11 11*
Short Circuit Grand Prix Individual 10th 5:34.24 2*
Midnight Bay Grand Prix Individual 12th 8:02.82 0
Marble League 2020 Qualifiers Balancing Team 18th 244 cm 2
Block Pushing Team 4th 65.9 cm 16
5 Meter Sprint Individual 15th 5.363 sec. 5
Marble League 2020 Balancing Team 10th 265 cm 6
Halfpipe Team 1st 66.00 sec. 25
Newton's Cradle Duo 1st 107.55 cm 25
Block Pushing Team 3rd 82.40 cm 15
Black Hole Funnel Duo 6th 81.98 sec. 10

*Clementin set the fastest lap, thus earning him a bonus point



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