Blazing Fireball is an all maroon coloured marble who competes in the Marble Rally. Blazing Fireball has had an unsuccessful career and currently competes in the B League.

Pre-Sand Marble Rally Edit

The 750-foot sand race may have featured Blazing Fireball. A marble resembling Blazing Fireball labelled as "Dark Red" finished third.

750 feet of Blazing fireballs

"Dark Red" in the 750 feet marble race.

Sand Marble Rally Career Edit

2016 Edit

Blazing Fireball placed 21st with 32 points, barely missing out on surviving elimination after race 6.

2017 Edit

Blazing Fireball failed to qualify for the Sand Marble Rally 2017. He finished 5th in his qualifier.

2018 Edit

Blazing Fireball did not qualify for the Sand Marble Rally A League in 2018. Thus, he competed in the B League. Four disappointing performances left Blazing Fireball in last with 13 points.

2019 Edit

Due to last place in the 2018 B League, Blazing Fireball was given only the wildcard race to qualify. 5th place resulted in a second year in the B League.

Trivia Edit

  • Last place in the B League means that Blazing Fireball is perhaps the worst marble in the Marble Rally.
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