Black Jacks are the all-black playing card-inspired team which was introduced in the first season of the Hubelino Tournament.

Team Members Edit

Jack of Hearts
Jack of Clubs
Jack of Spades
Jack of Diamonds

Hubelino Tournament Season 1 Edit

Event 1 - Funnel Spinning Edit

The first event of Season 1 brought great things for the Black Jacks. They had a shaky start to the round. They were the first team to fall to funnel #5 (halfway down the course), which is the opposite of what they were hoping for. After battling all the way down to the wire, they found themselves in the final funnel with the Minty Maniacs and the Golden Wisps. The Wisps fell first and the Jacks eventually forced the Maniacs down second, giving the Black Jacks the first Gold medal of the season.

Event 2 - Catwalk Edit

The Black Jacks placed third in the second event, Catwalk. This is lower than most expected, as they led the field with just two teams left. They were tied for first after the event. Jack of Hearts was the first marble to complete a run on the Catwalk (score a 12).

Jack of Spades (C) 6
Jack of Hearts 12
Jack of Clubs 6
Jack of Diamonds 5

Event 3 - Halfpipe Crash Edit

This was the first event with two teams facing off head-to-head, which would be a common theme in the coming events. The Jacks defeated Team Phoenix 13-4 in round 1 and Green Gang defeated Black Jacks 11-8 in round 2. Black Jacks defeated Valiant Violets 15-1 to place third for the second event in a row. Jack of Clubs was the only Jack to score a 10 in this event. Overall - 1st

Round 1 Edit

Jack of Spades (C) 3
Jack of Hearts 8
Jack of Clubs 1
Jack of Diamonds 1

Round 2 Edit

Jack of Spades (C) 1
Jack of Hearts 1
Jack of Clubs 1
Jack of Diamonds 5

Consolation Round (Bronze Medal Match) Edit

Jack of Spades (C) 1
Jack of Hearts 3
Jack of Clubs 10
Jack of Diamonds 1

Event 4 - Elimination Maze Edit

In an event of survive and advance, the Jacks did just that. They continued to roll and roll and eventually saw 6 teams eliminated before entering the Finals with Ruby Rollers. The Rollers defeated the Jacks in the final. Overall - 1st

The Ruby Rollers were the first team to complete the maze before stopping. The Black Jacks followed seconds later after being eliminated based on time.

Event 5 - Quartet Jump Edit

Although they avoided toppling any towers, the Black Jacks struggled for the first time in the tournament, as this was the first event that the Jacks did not finish on the podium. They finished eighth. Overall - 1st

Round 1 Edit

Jack of Spades (C) 1
Jack of Hearts 0 (escape)
Jack of Clubs 3
Jack of Diamonds 3

Event 6 - Pursuit Slalom Edit

The Black Jack were quickly defeated by the Green Gang in the first round. They finished off of the podium for a second straight event. Overall - 3rd

This marked the first time that the Jacks were not first overall or tied for first after an event.

Event 7 - Swing Wave Edit

The team that was once dominant continued to fade in this event, finishing seventh or worse for the third event in a row, this one being an eighth place. The team put up only 13 points in the first round in lane 3. Overall - T-4th

Event 8 - Combination Race Edit

This was initially suppose to be the final event of season 1, and the Jacks got back to form. They claimed their second silver medal of the season and fifth medal overall. Overall - 3rd

The first race resulted in a tie in the overall standings for (what was suppose to be) the championship. A tie breaker was run but would not effect the Jacks or any team not in the tie. They technically finished eighth in this race.

Event 9 - Halfpipe Dash Edit

After much demand, the tournament returned with the Halfpipe Dash. The Jacks finished third in the qualifying race which would send them to the consolation race. They finished second in that round, giving them sixth in the event standings. Overall - 3rd

Event 10 - Relay Course Edit

Black Jacks got off to a quick start in the relay, only to fall to the Ruby Rollers in round 1 giving them a seventh place finish. Overall - 3rd

Event 11 - Block Pushing Edit


The Black Jacks during Block Pushing.

In this event which came over from the 2017 MarbleLympics, the Jacks got off to a fantastic start, they maxed out with a 10+ in their first push against Valiant Violets. They advanced to round 2 to face Team Phoenix, who defeated them 8.4 to 6.8. They would face the Green Gang in the consolation match and fell 9.2 to 9.1 giving them a fourth place finish. Overall - 4th. The Jacks were the only team with a complete push (score of 10+). The Jacks had 2 of the top 3 pushes (10+ and 9.1 [tied for 3rd best]), but did not place on the podium.

MarbleLympics 2018 Edit

The Black Jacks were a team from the Hubelino Tournament* that entered the 2018 MarbleLympics. The Black Jacks did not make it into the MarbleLympics and came in 6th in group C. The Black Jacks withdrew in 2018 with the Golden Orbs and the Minty Maniacs to go back to the Hubelino Tournament.

Event Participant Final Result Place Points
Curling All --- 4th 5
Snow Sprint Diamond DNF 5th 4
5m Dash Heart 5.03 6th 3
Halfpipe All 38.44 5th 4

Hubelino Tournament Season 2Edit

Event 1 - Swing WaveEdit

Event 2 - CatwalkEdit

Event 3 - Funnel RaceEdit

Event 4 - HalfpipesEdit

Event 5 - Block BumpingEdit

Event 6 - Relay RaceEdit

Event 7 - MazeEdit

Event 8 - Big TowerEdit

Marblelympics Edit

Even though they scored a few points in the 2018 Marblelympics qualifiers it was not enough for them to make it in the official Marblelympics.

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