Billy is a member of the Green Ducks. They have competed in Marble League 2019.


Pre-Marble League

Billy comes from Bermenghank in the British Isles and has been following marble sports since a young age. In 2014 one of Billy's parents ended up in the infirmarblery. Two days later they were gone. Billy's other parent, Bombay had not been working at the time and they used most of the family's savings to pay for the funeral. Bombay struggled to find work afterwards. Billy managed to find a job on a farm taking care of ducks to help the family. They were joined by their sibling, Mallard. While working on the farm, Mallard and Billy befriended three of the farmhands, Quacky, Ducky and Goose, who were working while completing their primary education. The group bonded over their love for the Marble League.

As Marble League 2017 approached, Mallard secretly entered into a bid for tickets. Mallard surprised their friends with the tickets and the five of them went to Knikkegen to see the competition. They watched the tournament from the Jungle Jumpers fan section. When they returned home, they agreed to train to be marble athletes together. They traveled into the city and talked to Bombay. They decided to quit their miserable job in tourism and become the group's coach under the name the Green Ducks.

The British Isles weren't known for their marble sports at the time, but the Ducks managed to compete in the minor leagues. They became the most prominent team in the region and soon began receiving sponsorships, meaning they were finally financially stable. In 2018 they moved to Dionlin and became the host team of Joshdon Stadium.

In late 2018, rumors started that Team Plasma were retiring from the Marble League due to not training enough and that there might be a space in the Marble League 2019 Qualifiers. The Ducks had applied to the waiting list previously and on the 1st January 2019 were given a place at the Qualifiers.[1] Despite being so new to the tournament, the Ducks were already getting fans coming out to see them.[2]


Mallard placed fifth in the first event, the Funnel Race, which was followed by Block Pushing where the Ducks got an unprecedented 117.0 cm, coming first and moving to the top of the standings. They came fifth again in the Relay Race, securing their spot in Marble League 2019. They decided to conserve their energy for the final event, the Underwater Race, by putting in Ducky. Unfortunately, Ducky came last, but despite this the Ducks qualified in fourth. The team continued to gain fans, many from the Limers who had failed to qualify.

The Ducks started off well in Marble League 2019 with a silver medal in Event 1, the Underwater Race, redeeming their poor performance from the qualifiers. This was followed by a seventh-place finish in Event 2, the Funnel Race. The team then came 4th in the next three events, including Billy in the 5 Meter Sprint. The momentum built up to Event 6, the Relay Run. In the final leg, Goose lurched forward ahead of Tangerin of the O'rangers to win the team's first gold medal, putting them at the top of the standings. Over the next four events, the Ducks averaged seven points per event, keeping them in the top three, but they lost first place to the Raspberry Racers who stayed in first for the next four events. The Green Ducks refocused and in Event 11, the Dirt Race, earned a silver medal. The Ducks followed this up with a record-breaking gold medal in Event 12, Rafting, reclaiming first place. Event 13, the Elimination Race, saw the Raspberry Racers and the Ducks go head to head again with the Raspberry Racers claiming gold and the Ducks settling for silver. The Ducks remained in first but would not medal again. The Ducks lost first place to the Raspberry Racers after coming 12th in Event 14, Surfing. The Ducks ultimately finished in 2nd behind the Raspberry Racers on 204 points and five medals. The Ducks automatically qualified for Marble League 2020 and became the most successful rookie team in the Marble League.

While the Ducks were training for Marble League 2020, Bombay received a letter from the JMRC inviting them to take part in Marbula One 2019/20. The Ducks accepted and sent Mallard and Billy to represent them.[2]


Competition Event Event Type Place Result Points
Marble League 2019 Qualifiers Block Pushing Team 1st 117.0 cm 25
Relay Race Team 5th 10.05 sec. 14
Marble League 2019 Balancing Team 4th 304 cm 12
Gravitrax Slalom Team 4th 9.25 sec. 12
5 Meter Sprint Individual 4th 6.274 sec. 12
Relay Run Team 1st 9.779 sec. 25
Block Pushing Team 8th 60.9 cm 8
Hubelino Maze Team 8th 24 pts 8
Rafting Team 1st 33.74 sec. (MR) 25
Collision Team 6th Quarterfinal Loss 10
Marbula One Season 1 O'raceway Grand Prix Individual 1st 5:17.73 26*
Hivedrive Grand Prix Individual 13th 5:43.47 0
Short Circuit Grand Prix Individual 9th 5:33.57 2
Razzway Grand Prix Individual 11th 5:37.87 0
Marble League 2020 Friendly Round Block Pushing Team 3rd 57.9 cm 2
Balancing Team 3rd 339 cm 2
Marble League 2020 Balancing Team 9th 268 cm 7
Halfpipe Team 12th 54.00 sec. 4
Long Jump Individual 13th 80.60 cm 3
Block Pushing Team 9th 76.00 cm 7
5 Meter Sprint Individual 6th 6.046 sec. 10
Black Hole Funnel Duo 4th 90.47 sec. 12
Relay Run Team 10th 8.476 sec. 6
Team Aquathlon Team 7th 19.48 sec. 9
Collision Team 6th Quarterfinal Loss 10

*Billy set the fastest lap, thus earning them a bonus point


  • Billy's nickname, "The Kid", is a reference to Western outlaw Henry McCarty, who earned the nickname "Billy the Kid".


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