Bay is the reserve member of the Oceanics, replacing Tide after they became the coach of the team. Bay has been competing for the team as a reserve since Marble League 2019 although appeared once for them in the Marble League 2018 Qualifiers.



Bay competed for the Oceanics during the Marble League 2018 Qualifiers, even though they weren't an official part of the team. Tide recruited Bay on account of their skills as an endurance athlete. They competed in the Halfpipe. However, they had to leave shortly afterwards to compete in the Seven Seas Circuit. Bay also competed in the Oceania Surfing League, where Tide had personally sponsored them.[1][2]


Tide stepped down from being the reserve member of the Oceanics as it would appear to be a conflict of interest to both coach a team and be an active member due to the more prominent role of coaches in Marble League 2019. Tide became the Oceanics' full-time coach and recruited Bay as the new reserve member.

Unfortunately, the Oceanics didn't feel the same with Tide no longer competing. They didn't coach the team as well while on the bench as they didn't see where the team was struggling. The team took part in the Marble League 2019 Friendly Round. The Oceanics managed to win the Funnel Race and the Relay Run. Despite Bay finishing in last place in the final event, the Underwater Race, they finished the competition in 1st, one point ahead of the O'rangers. This was the point that the fans started to question the team's performance in water based events, noting their past poor performances.

Knowing this, the Oceanics felt pressure to train for the water events, to the point of training too much for them, neglecting the other events. Other factors affected their training, including the completion of the Seven Seas Stadium, which affected their ability to train before early 2019, and the declining health of Queen Marina, which stopped her from attending Marble League 2019.

The Oceanics couldn't keep up their good performance from the Friendly Round when Marble League 2019 started. In the first event, the Underwater Race, they came 13th. This was a blow to morale, especially as it was in front of their own public, especially King Triton. Over the next five events, the team had bottom-half finishes in four out of five events, leaving them in last place. The Oceanics managed to get out of last place after Event 7, Block Pushing, tied with the Pinkies in points. Unfortunately, the team still could not get back to their 2018 form.

The Oceanics nearly earned a medal in Event 10, the Hubelino Maze, coming in 4th, which kept them in 15th place above the Pinkies. The following event, the Dirt Race, saw them come in 7th, putting the team back into last place overall. Morale was at an all-time low and the team continued to do poorly in Event 12, Rafting, coming in 11th. This ensured they were the first team unable to win Marble League 2019.

In Event 13, the Elimination Race, the Oceanics were the first team to be eliminated in their heat, coming in 15th. After their elimination, the manager of the Oceanics, Reef, rolled over to Tide with the mascot, Alvin, and some security marbles. Reef fired Tide on the spot, even though Tide still owned the team. Lagoon was brought in to coach the team for the remainder of Marble League 2019. Tide tried to fire Reef as manager, but was stopped when the Royal Family stepped in.

Unfortunately for the Oceanics, Lagoon couldn't turn their performance around and the team finished in last place with the worst points average of any team in Marble League history. Bay came 14th in Event 14, Surfing. After the final event, the Sand Rally, the Oceanics fans stormed into the stadium and surrounded the podium holding a banner saying "Noceanics". Manager Reef attributed this result to stress from hosting, coaching changes and loss of fan support. Sea claimed that their team's poor performance came about because their "mojo was thrown off" once Tide stopped playing for the team and started coaching. Tide didn't notice they were struggling, a sentiment echoed by Shore.

After the end of Marble League 2019, the Royal Family of Dunduei decided to acquire the rights to the Oceanics name, as well as all its associated personnel, including Reef and Lagoon, and the Seven Seas Stadium, from Tide, who was promptly dismissed once the deal was reached.[2] In addition, to make sure the team had nothing to do with Tide anymore, the Oceanics revealed their new team motto, "Ride the Wave".

The Oceanics were invited to take part in Marbula One Season 1, but rejected the invitation because they wanted to focus on training for the Marble League 2020 Qualifiers after their poor performance in Marble League 2019.[3] Some sources claim that Lagoon would not let them take part in any offseason event until they got over their fear of water. Likewise, Sea said that the team had hit rock bottom, but were determined to work hard, mentally, emotionally and physically, to qualify for Marble League 2020 and to prove their worth in the competition once more.[1]


Competition Event Event Type Place Result Points
Marble League 2018 Qualifiers Halfpipe Team 1st 40.43 sec. (MR) 8
Marble League 2019 Friendly Round Underwater Race Individual 4th 30.92 sec. 1
Marble League 2019 Hubelino Maze Team 4th 68 pts 12
Surfing Individual 14th 42.26 pts 2
Collision Team 10th Heat Loss 6
Marble League 2020 Black Hole Funnel Duo 10th 70.02 sec. 6
Relay Run Team 3rd 8.405 sec. 15
Collision Team 7th Quarterfinal Loss 9


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