Astron is a member of Team Galactic and competed in Marble League 2016. Astron's first individual event was the Long Jump in 2016.


Astron competed in two individual events during Marble League 2016. In the Long Jump, Astron placed 6th out of the 16 competitors with a jump of 92.0 cm. Later, in the 10 Meter Sprint, Astron placed third in his heat and failed to qualify. His time was 5.298 seconds.

Falling behind

Astron falling behind in the 5m sprint. Yellow of Mellow Yellow would win this heat.

In Marble League 2017, Astron competed in just one individual event: the 5-Meter Sprint. Astron slipped far behind the other marbles in his heat but managed a time of 6.71 seconds, 10th overall.

Astron represented Team Galactic in the second event of Marble League 2018, the Ski Jump. A jump of 113.6 cm earned him 11th place.

Astron competed again in the 5 Meter Sprint in Marble League 2019, and just qualified for the semi-finals, but he failed to make the final. He also competed in the Elimination Race, and despite good finishes in the first two preliminary rounds, he would come up just short in the third round and miss the final, finishing 10th.


Competition Event Event Type Place Result Points
Marble League 2016 Balancing Team 10th 233 cm 0
Relay Race Team 8th 24.34 sec. 2
Collision Team 7th Quarterfinal Loss 1
Long Jump Individual 6th 92.0 cm 2
10 Meter Sprint Individual 12th 5.298 sec. 0
Team Pursuit Team 7th 26.89 sec. 1
Precision Slalom Team 9th 10 pts 0
Quartet Diving Team 7th 34.64 pts 1
Marble League 2017 Qualifiers Relay Race Team 6th 10.51 sec. 7
Sand Race Individual 13th 27.47 sec. 0
Block Pushing Team 7th 61.3 cm 6
Marble League 2017 Fidget Spinner Collision Team 8th Quarterfinal Loss 8
5-meter Sprint Individual 10th 6.71 sec. 6
Relay Run Team 15th 12.78 sec. 1
Block Pushing Team 4th 65.6 cm 12
Steeplechase Team 5th 42.45 sec. 11
Archery Team 8th 33.5 pts 8
Marble League 2018 Qualifiers Curling Team 2nd Runners Up 7
Snow Race Individual 1st 19.06 sec. 8
Halfpipe Team 8th 36.90 sec. 1
Marble League 2018 Ski Jump Individual 11th 113.6 cm 5
Halfpipe Team 11th 27.26 sec. 5
Bobsled Team 2nd 13.29 sec. 20
Team Pursuit Team 10th 30.60 sec. 6
Curling Team 8th Quarterfinal Loss 8
Biathlon Team 10th 24.20 sec. 6
Ice Hockey Team 4th 3rd Place Match Loss 12
100 Meter Water Race Water Race Individual 4th 4:00.78 -
Amazing Maze Marble Race 2018 Maze Team 7th Semifinal Loss -
Marble League 2019 Qualifiers Funnel Race Individual 7th 1:14.59 12
Block Pushing Team 6th 105.6 cm 13
Relay Race Team 13th 10.64 sec. 6
Marble League 2019 Balancing Team 5th 300 cm 11
Gravitrax Slalom Team 10th 9.07 sec. 6
5 Meter Sprint Individual 7th 6.287 sec. 9
Relay Run Team 5th 9.279 sec. 11
Block Pushing Team 2nd 67.0 cm 20
Hubelino Maze Team 15th 26 pts 1
Rafting Team 4th 37.24 sec. 12
Elimination Race Individual 10th 23.91 sec. 6
Collision Team 15th Heat Loss 1


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