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The Andromedome, formerly known as the Orion Stadium, was the location of Marble League 2020. The stadium is located in Polaria and owned by Team Galactic.


The Andromedome Stadium received renovations in late 2019 in preparation for Marble League 2020. The renovations, engineered and constructed by Wet Concrete LLC, were completed in early 2020. The stadium was designed by chief architect Atlas and safety regulations were overseen by safety officer Emergency Jones to make sure the stadium was up to code.

As part of the renovations, Greg Woods worked with architects to design a custom announcer booth in the Andromedome. The stadium can seat 10,976 attendees, similar to the Seven Seas Stadium.

Many musicians and bands have performed at the Andromedome over the years, including Billie Marblish, The Rolling Rollers, The Spin Proctors, Mellacus and Minos, Marbellica, and the Mibsters.[2]


  • The Andromedome was previously named "Orion Stadium", before receiving renovations. The Orion Stadium only seated 8,000 attendees.
    • The current name of the stadium is a portmanteau of the galaxy "Andromeda" and "dome".
  • This is the fourth stadium to host the Marble League, the other three being the Bakker Bowl (2016-17), the Arctic Circle (2018), and the Seven Seas Stadium (2019).


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