The 100 Meter Water Race was a practice race for Marble League 2019 and was held on 16th June 2018. 28 different marble teams took part, all hoping to qualify for Marble League 2019. However, the Chocolatiers did not take part.


In this event, one marble from each team races down a 100 meter long track filled with flowing water. The team that crosses the finish line first is the winner.


Rank Team Marble Time
1st Jungle Jumpers Skip 3:55.12
2nd Limers Sublime 3:55.32
3rd Gliding Glaciers Glide 3:59.90
4th Team Galactic Astron 4:00.78
5th Hazers Foggy 4:00.85
6th Savage Speeders Whizzy 4:01.22
7th Black Jacks Heart 4:01.94
8th Pinkies Pinky Winky 4:02.23
9th Team Momo Mimo 4:02.62
10th Balls of Chaos Tumult 4:02.86
11th Quicksilvers Silvery 4:02.97
12th Team Plasma Fearo 4:05.94
13th Raspberry Racers Rezzy 4:06.76
14th Team Primary Rima 4:07.47
15th Mellow Yellow Yellup 4:07.68
16th Rojo Rollers Rojo Tres 4:07.74
17th Golden Orbs Glorby 4:09.37
18th Oceanics Aqua 4:10.51
19th Shining Swarm Sparkle 4:17.14
20th O'rangers Mandarin 4:51.16
21st Snowballs Snowflake DNF
22nd Kobalts Azure DNF
23rd Crazy Cat's Eyes Red Eye DNF
24th Midnight Wisps Wespy DNF
25th Jawbreakers Sugar DNF
26th Minty Maniacs Minty Drizzel DNF
27th Thunderbolts Bolto DNF


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