't Peeske Montferland is a sandhill located 22 km east southeast of Arnhem near the village Beek which is located in the municipality Montferland. It is surrounded by a forest. 't Peeske Montferland is about 2 km away from the border between the Netherlands and Germany


In 2017, only two races were held in 't Peeske Montferland, these two races were the third from last race and penultimate race. The lay-out was relatively long with many different sections.

In 2018 there would again only be two races held in 't Peeske Montferland. This time the first 2 races of the season. A shorter and simpler lay-out was used. The lay-out had a lot of different junctions. It was a faster lay-out than the one used in 2017.


There have been no repeat winners in 't Peeske Montferland yet.

Race Winner Time Margin Starting position
Race 11 (2017) Slimer 1:48.01 +0.18 P20
Race 12 (2017) El Capitan 1:45.34 +1.11 P7
Race 1 (2018) Summer Sky 1:20.19 +1.33 P2
Race 2 (2018) Dragon's Egg 1:20.93 +0.29 P3
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